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Marco "KarmyZ" Carminati


What is your Name, Age, and Job Title?

Marco "KarmyZ" Carminati, I'm 24 years old and I'm a digital artist working as a freelancer.

In terms of CG, How did it all begin for you?

All began when I was at art school. I saw from a friend of my brother 3d studio (the old release!) and I found it amazing how you could move in a 3d world....over the time I understand that CG is an excellent tool to develop your own artistic potential.It gives you the possibility to unify all the great arts like sculpting, painting, animation, directing and other in one virtual environment.

What was your very first CG project? was it a success?

My very first project is "The Glubber"; I started with the idea to do just a little animation of a character, then I developed it into a 3d short. For me it's a success, the success that you have when you show to yourself that you are able to finish a project of yours, and is considered a success because it won two first price here in Italy like best 3d short animation.

How long have you been in CG and what is your current job?

I started five years ago with CG and since two years ago I'm working as a freelancer having my own studio here in Italy, near Milan.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career?

The Glubber for now is my greatest accomplishment, but I won't stop there; I'm always working on new projects...

Of all of your artwork, which piece is your personal favorite and why?

One of my favorites is "Caricature", where the excellent illustrator Kruger inspired me; anyway I like "The Glubber" because I think that it transfers the personality of the character.
In this image I want to achieve a photographic effect, like if the Glubber is the model posing for the photographer on a photo studio where he's making his portfolio book!:)
In the image "Night tree" I like the atmosphere of the environment; I wanted to give a painting look with a blue color dominant

What is one piece of advice you would give to the aspiring artist?

Always feed the traditional artistic skills.

What are you plans for the future?

I like to work on the cinema environment. In the last year I work for "Aida degli Alberi", where I create over 1 minute of CG for the last sequence of the movie, and I also worked on the special effects of two american horror movies. But my plans for the future are to create something that here in Italy doesn't exist, a 3d movie...

Are you working on any projects currently? If so, what are they?

Now I just finished working on a trailer for a 3d cartoonish movie...

Can you give away one of your CG secrets to success?

I don't know if I have secrets for success, but I take some Leonardo da Vinci principles to live my life:))) Curiosity, the balance between art and science, research.....those are always actual and I think that they are very useful for everyone!

Thank you very much ____ for your time and we hope to see more of your work soon.

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