Hi Jure! When did you first get into 3D, and what sort of schooling did you have?

Jure: Hey Chris. I took my first steps into the 3D world five years ago. My full time job is as a web developer, and back in 2003 we had this project that involved a wooden puppet. We had to make a flash game where this character would walk around and paint different objects. To help out our designer I decided to model the puppet, rig it and do some animations like walk cycle, different painting actions and so on. So basically this is what got me into 3D. I had to learn all three things in a short amount of time, but the end result was a surprise to everyone - it looked half decent! So from that point onwards you could say I was hooked. I didn’t have any official schooling; my teacher was the Internet. If I could point out two websites it would be 3DTotal and 3DBuzz. 3DBuzz and their video tutorials made learning fun with the two hosts (Jason and Zak) constantly joking around. So there I learned the basics about the program.

For more advanced techniques I turned to 3DTotal and its detailed tutorials. If one is passionate about something it’s not hard to learn.

3DTotal: You mentioned that the Internet was your teacher. With the whole 3D community becoming a better place to learn, and with the amount of training DVD’s that are available, do you think that colleges and universities will become obsolete in the future?
Jure: I don’t think so. You can learn a lot more a lot more quickly if you decide to take the “traditional” road like college or


university. You learn from the best in the business there. I have a friend who just finished the Animation Mentor class and he said it was truly amazing. He’s been in the animation business for quite a while now, but this class advanced his animation skills to another level. The downside of these classes is that they don’t come cheap. Don’t get me wrong, they’re worth every penny, but it’s a big investment for some that they just can’t afford.

3DTotal: You’re currently working under the title of 3D Grafika. What made you decide to become a freelance artist rather than work in a studio?
Jure: As I said before, my full time job is a web developer. I do 3D part time - mostly at night, when I put my daughter to sleep. Why I don’t work full time in 3D industry? Well firstly, I don’t want to get tired and bored of 3D by looking at the polygons 24/7 and secondly, deadlines are pretty sharp and I like to spend my free time with my family. By freelancing I can pick and choose the projects I like and I know they won’t take up all my free time.

3DTotal: Your sense of realism is put across in such images as ‘Vespa’, Tennis Ball’ and ‘Stroke Me Gently’ and it is apparent that you take this quite seriously. How long does it take you to achieve this look within your work?


Jure: Since my imagination isn’t as vivid as I would like, I mostly get inspired by images on the Internet. “Vespa” was made for a website challenge and it took me a few weeks. The other two you mentioned were one or two projects, just to test different things like fur, depth of field, displacement…

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