3Dtotal : Hi Frederic. What do you think was the main motivation that prompted you to become an artist ?
Fred :
It was’nt motivation as much as a way of living. I started drawing at the age of 3. Everything in my life turned around art: drawing, sculpting, painting, playing music, visiting museums, watching movies and theater plays. I never really have to choose this way but as long as I remember, even people around me, used to categorize me as an artist.

3DTotal :
What subjects do you like to explore most in your
work and where does the interest stem from?

    Fred : At some point in my life, I was really interested by portraits and close-ups of people. This is probably because I use to do so much cartoon faces and caricatures of teachers in my student books when I was yound. Then, at some point in my life, I switched towards lanscaping and scenics views which is closer to matte-painting material.

3DTotal : Which artists,contemporary or old ,do you get most inspiration from ?
Fred : I would say Craig Mullins because of his ability to create an impressive amount of realism with rough brush strokes.
3DTotal : What is your favourite medium to work with and why ?
Fred : Acrylic as a traditionnal medium would be my favorite one because it dry really fast, it is strong and durable, but I also enjoy using my computer and my wacom tablet every day at work.

3DTotal : What is the most challenging part of your job?
Fred : The most challenging part it is to make the viewer see what you want to see the most.
Makes something believable and clear. In other words, I like to cheat the eye of the viewer! Something else, I really like in film industry is the idea of telling a story. Well, of course I am not the writter or the storyteller but at least, you are a part of this huge crew that helps the viewer to believe in something

3DTotal : From your biography it is evident that you have worked across a number of
disciplines, both 3D and 2D including animation. Which areas do you enjoy most ?
Fred :
I used to do a lot of 3D character animation, but now I enjoy Concept Art / Matte Painting and everything relating to Photoshop work. I think it’s closer from my very old passions which was drawing and painting. Even if I enjoyed a long time ago, doing character animation, I still think that matte-painting and concept-art are more related to me.
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