3DTotal: Hi there could you introduce yourselves to our viewers please?
Eden Lab:
After an experience we all had in the entertainment field as freelancers and employees, we finally ended up deciding to build something on our own. Really specialising on what we truly love to visualize. Allow me to talk about our roots. We were born in Turin, the Italian car city par excellence, that had something like 29 car styling and manufacturing companies at the beginning of the 20th century, many of which have become famous worldwide, thanks to their technological innovation, prestige and racing results. This is the field where we chose to compete, making the most of our knowledge in Computer Graphics.

3DTotal: So how did the name EDEN Lab come about?

Eden Lab:
When you look for a name that is going to represent your environment for a long period of time, you wish that it’s going to be something that pleases you, so what’s nicer than EDEN!
Here is a secret. Our dream is to build a new studio in a techno tropical place. We picture it like a Robinson Crusoe habitat, powered with Render-Farms and anything else we need to do our job. That’s why we have just bought a nice piece of beach front land, in the wild side of Brazil.

    3DTotal: That’s sounds really cool, are you looking for any full time staff :)
Edan Lab:
Actually yes, we are always looking for capable staff. But for job positions in Brazil, we will only hire compositors and 3D modellers able to Handle-Pass and Kite-Loop eheh ;-)

3DTotal: So what is an average working day like
    in your studio?
Eden Lab: In the last two years it’s not something I would recommend to anybody. Pretty crazy and demanding. And more than a few times the work days have turned into many nights at work too. Luckily, we have never missed a chance to shoot each other for half an hour in Quake Arena. Pretty relaxing, you know?

3DTotal: Could you describe the techniques involved with blending your 3D vehicle renders into actual scenes?
    Eden Lab: We think that most of the tools needed to blend CG into Reality are already there, in almost every 3D software. The real task is doing it on time, optimizing the scenes and on certain occasions writing tools that actually work in a predictable and physically-correct way, so that you are able to block a certain amount of variables and focus on the actual effect you are trying to achieve. For example, we’re not big fans of GI (Global Illumination) and FG (Final Gathering) because, set aside their correctness, we found that developing more specific,
    predictable and ready-to-use shading methods pays well more in terms of quality/time ratio.

3DTotal: What types of shading methods do you use to substitute GI and FG?
Eden Lab:
Oh well, that’s a secret! Seriously, it’s nothing really exotic: we’ve simply been paying attention to the ‘weak’ parts of the software we use and tried to bridge some gaps and custom tailor to our needs some existing tools. A few custom shaders we wrote were enough to satisfy our need for visual correctness and
    speed. We felt as well, that streamlining the ‘model-to-final-image’ pipeline was essential to provide
good contents in a quick and predictable way, so we spent quite some time developing a robust workflow that we can easily adapt to any project.

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