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An interview with Christopher Mullins

    christopher mullins




3DTotal - Hi Christopher can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in 3D?
Chris -
I graduated from Full Sail; an Animation, Film and Music Recording school in Orlando, FL in 1998 where I had originally begun to study Recording Engineering. After three months however, I had received
a small taste of their Digital Media program and was too intrigued to let go, so I switched programs and have been a slave to computers ever since.


3DTotal - Can you tell us about where you got the idea for Blue?
Chris - Blue was just a character that I kept envisioning during moments of inspiration. I’m really interested in character design and I wanted to develop a character that was both high-tech and cute. There was no intention of creating a film or anything other than designing the character and possibly doing a few test animations for fun, but obviously things got a little out of control

3DTotal - What was your main inspiration for the creation of Blue, and how many character designs did you go through before you settled on the final one?
Chris -
At the time, my friend Aaron Webster and I were really blown away by the artwork in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I’m also really into more cartoon-like characters, so we just wanted to try combining the two to see what kind of style could be achieved. We worked on the designs for a couple of months… going through about 5 or 6 different versions of each character. You should see the original design for Blue. Actually no… I’ll
never show it to anyone!

3DTotal - Who came up with the idea of it being a child’s dream?
Chris -
The original ending involved Blue being saved by a female version of himself, which would have taken even longer. Since Blue is my first attempt at filmmaking, I knew that the number-one priority was just to finish a film from beginning to end so I changed the ending to the cliché “Dream-Sequence”… but, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

3DTotal - With Blue under your belt will you embark on a sequel to it or another adventure that the child dreams of?

Chris - Well, right now I’m putting together a new short that is completely unrelated (and shorter!), but since you asked, I have thought of a storyline that takes place after the kid falls back to sleep. Who knows if I’ll ever get to it.
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