3DTotal : Hi Andre Can you tell us a bit about your current location and employment?
Andre : I’m currently employed in a photo studio in Munich, Germany. Here I’m doing 3D Visualisations of design pieces. I’m the only 3d artist here, but I have three photographers around me. They are the hardest censors that a 3d artist could possibly have! :-)

    3DTotal : Aha! So they are constantly critiquing your work for ultra photo realism?
Andre :
Oh yes, they are constantly critiquing. They often see details that I miss as I’m not so experienced in photography. I really hope they will continue to do this. It makes a really rewarding collaboration.

A lot of your work is for product designs and renders, can you tell us a bit about why this is and also a little about your working practices when making such a render?
Andre: I think it’s because of our customers. Often they have design studies and the model making of a real prototype would be very expensive. Here 3D Visualisation is extremely helpful. My current job gives me incredible possibilities to learn a lot about light because I have the “reality of light” right here in our real photo studio. So I developed a reality connected workflow.
“Do not fake anything” is my motto. If the picture looks bad – don’t tweak the shadows or opacity – think about your lights and think about your materials! To an extent of 75% I’m a photographer (with a “21Ghz“ camera).

3DTotal: Yes I think lighting is the essence of photo realism, in a typical

project how much of the time do you spend on lighting as opposed to modelling for example?
Andre: In most cases the lighting takes about 85% of the time. Of course the
modelling is the basis of it all. Even if you perfectly light an object, it will never be photo real if there aren’t correct fillets, bevels etc so the light cannot do its job properly.

3DTotal : We have been looking at your very nicely presented flash site, did webdevelopment lead into 3d? Or was it the other way round?
Andre : Thank you! In my case it was a nearly parallel development. Although I
started 3d much earlier than flash, for me the quality of both subjects increased in parallel. Flash is a welcome alternative to the daily 3d works for me. I started to learn flash, because I saw some quite impressive internet pages around this time (1999). As a beginner and without people around to help it was really hard to stay on track with this new subject, but today it seems it was well worth it.
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