You started 3D with 3DStudio Max v2.0. What were your early projects like?

Onno: Simple. Scenes built up from primitives alone, with simple modifiers such as Bend applied. The funny thing is that I actually still have most of the things I made from the beginning on a backup drive. I looked through them a couple of months ago and could still remember most of them.
    3DTotal: You have stuck with 3DStudio Max since then. Have you ever considered any of the others?
Onno: Well 3DS Max has it’s pros and cons, but you keep that when you switch to a new program, as they will just be different pros and different cons, but they’ll still be there. Rhino 3D I have tried to learn a few times but, to be honest, NURBS are not the thing for me as they work very unintuitively, if you ask me. I like the indirect approach of poly-modelling with Turbo/MeshSmooth; it’s easy to work with and very flexible, which I cannot say for NURBS. For what I do, 3DS Max is a great tool and is capable of producing the results I want (most of the time).

College or self-taught 3D’er?
Onno: Entirely self-taught. There is no education for 3D’ing here in the Netherlands. Not at a serious level at least. And even then, I probably wouldn’t have tried it; I don’t really believe in ‘learning 3D’ in school. Reading the manual is what I did a lot when I started, and reading tutorials online of course. Especially in the beginning, it is good to read as much as you can on all subjects you can find: modelling, texturing, simple animation - just to
learn your way around the program and get an understanding of how 3D’ing works.
3DTotal: You currently work for PostPanic in Amsterdam. What’s it like working there?
Onno: Yes, as a freelancer I do jobs for them. It is great to work for them: it’s a five minute bicycle ride from my home and I usually start at 10:15, which is a very big plus for me. I am not really the morning type, to put it mildly. And the people at PostPanic are all very, very good at what they do which leads to you wanting to work at that level too, and basically makes you reach the next level in the quality and speed of your work.

Does the environment in Amsterdam bring a more ‘calm’ atmosphere to the workplace?

Onno: Haha, no, I don’t smoke...
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