So apart from the Sci-Fi genre, is there any other area that interests you?

Neil: Fantasy definitely. The Lord of the Rings trilogy really boosted my interest in that area, but I’m basically absorbed by anything that is creative, innovative and has that something extra either in style or story

3DTotal: So what are you working on at the moment?
Neil: At the moment I have been rushing to finish two portfolio pieces for the Expose 6 book and an extensive “Making of” tutorial for the Digital Art Masters: Volume 3 book.

If you could sum up your style of work in one sentence, what would it be?

Neil: I would say its retro futuristically industrialized steam punk-esque urban modernism

3DTotal: Throughout an artist’s career, they will always look at artwork by their favourite artist, whether it’s for research or inspiration. So where do you find inspiration from?
Neil: I draw inspiration from everywhere. Music, films, books, magazines and of course, other 3D and 2D artists. I love the work of Loic Zimmerman, Pascal Blanche, Sparth, JS Rossbach, Craig Mullins and many others

    3DTotal: It’s interesting that you’ve listed more 2D artists than 3D. Do you think you would ever make the cross-over and leave the way of the 3D artist behind?
    Neil: No, it’s very unlikely. I would like to see myself merging the two styles a lot more, but I think my skill lies in 3D and for the moment that’s where I’m gaining most of my experience and enjoyment. With new software and techniques being developed all the time, there is always something new to learn and something to discover in 3D.

3DTotal: Well it’s been a real pleasure chatting with you. One last question before we wrap things up: If I were to hang around with you for a whole day, what would I learn most about you?
Neil: (Laughs) I couldn’t imagine someone wanting to hang around me for a day. But seriously, I think you would learn how passionate I am about my work and how dedicated I am to it. I’m in the very lucky position of doing something that I love and (sometimes) getting paid for it.
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