Hello Matt, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself please?
Matthieu: Hello Chris, I’m from France and I live in the countryside of the Toulouse area. I’m 42 years
old and I’ve been working as an Illustrator since 1991, and I’m a father of three children.

3DTotal: Could you tell us a bit about your education and what you’re currently working on?
Matthieu: After graduating from high school, I went to Paris and enrolled at the “Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris”, where I stayed for five years; studying three years of Industrial Design plus two years of Illustration. Before leaving this school in 1990, I had managed to get some
work with different French magazines as a freelance Illustrator. I had also presented many exhibitions
around Paris, where I displayed aluminium, decorative objects.

During this period I started working for a packaging agency (Carré-noir) as a free-lance Illustrator and I managed to buy my first Mac. I acheived an “official professional status“ as an Illustrator in 1991, and I have been working free-lance ever since. With regards to what I’m currently working on; I’m doing
a children’s book for a French editor (Gallimard), working on a candy mascot (Cadbury) for a packaging agency, and am on different advertising projects with my French and Canadian artist representatives.

3DTotal: How did you first get into doing 3D?
Matthieu: I first started using 3D working with a program called Strata 3D. A friend of mine first showed me this software and I was so excited by it that I decided to do it myself on my own computer. So I decided to buy it and started working. After a month of exploration I started to work professionally with it.
3DTotal: So having predominately worked with
Strata 3D, have you experimented with other 3D packages?

Matthieu: I worked with Strata for about 4 years, but the modelling tools weren’t good enough for me (however, at this time it’s now different of course), so I started to use Wings 3D, which is a free softwareprogram for modelling. Eventually, I bought Cinema 4D and I’ve been working with it ever since as it’s very powerful and stable. I tried to use Maya, but without success, and so I’m very happy now working with Cinema 4D.


    3DTotal: When you first start a new model, whether it’s for work or your own personal portfolio, what are the first things you do?
Matthieu: Most of the time, it’s for work. I don’t really have enough time to work on my own personal stuff, but when I can, I do. The first thing I do is to normally sketch with a real pencil. Then I model, starting with
a cube for the head…

3DTotal: Your work is very distinctive; although it is essentially 3D it still has a very 2-dimensional, illustrative feel to it. How did this style originate?
Matthieu: I wanted to do something very different from what I have currently seen being done before in 3D. When I went to Quebec for a holiday trip, I thought about what I could do, as holidays are
always great for thinking. On arriving back in France I came up with the idea of creating a papier maché style in 3D. I started to model by making a black and white render, and then added some colour to it in Photoshop; working into the render like it was a sketch. Nowadays I tend to always touch-up my renders, which gives them more feeling than what the computer could ever achieve.  
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