3DTotal: Well, let’s start with the usual beginning question: how did you start in 3D CG?
Massimo: Well, the way I started is pretty unusual... I actually owned a bookstore until a couple of years ago. I’ve always loved visual arts and whilst selling books I felt that my passion for computer graphics was growing. After I sold the bookstore, I started looking for 3D jobs as a freelancer. At the same time I was learning Maya, doing as much training as I could, and was also involving my girlfriend Silvia. To be honest, I had never considered CG as a full-time profession, but we soon noticed that we were loving it and we decided to give it a serious go... as a couple.
    3DTotal: You now work as a freelancer on various projects. Which area do you find yourself getting the most work in?
Our main area is more 3D illustration than animation, so let’s say modelling & texturing pretty much everything - still-life as well as organics. Working as freelancers, we are open to any interesting projects. As a quick example, I never liked modelling cars, but I ended up making some as a third party project for Volkswagen. This work is always a continued surprise for us and we feel we won’t get bored of it any time soon.
3DTotal: How do you start and then carry out a project? Do you have a workflow which pretty much stays the same or do you find that it needs changing from time to time?
It’s down to the kind of work, really. If we have to model animals our workflow is pretty much the same because we’ve already modelled many of them and so our experience is good. But as I said before it is not all about animals, and right now we are working on very different projects and tasks so we must adapt from time to time. We recently finished characters for a short independent movie. Those kinds of modelling projects required us to ‘save’ polygons. We won’t have this limit whilst doing models for the reverse engineering market.
3DTotal: Your recent work with animals has brought you a lot of industry acclaim and a few awards!
Is this the most enjoyable part of your job?

The most enjoyable part? You mean modelling animals or getting awards? Joking... We just love the subjects, so when we see that our work is appreciated then that’s a joy for sure
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