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Could you tell us something about your background and, how you became involved in digital painting?
First of all, I’m happy you have shown interest in my work! I’m currently working at a video game studio called Artificial Mind & Movement here in Montreal, Canada. I think my love for drawing started as soon as I was able to hold a pencil or anything I could draw with! I used to do really silly comics with my brother. We had two characters, Nic and Pic, and we made up crazy adventures together. I think the first time I tried digital painting was, when I tried colouring a drawing for one of my ex-girlfriends about 3 years ago, using my ball mouse. No need to say it was horrible, but I liked it a lot and ended up colouring all of my old drawings that way afterwards. Later I got into 3D animation classes, where I studied Maya for 2 years before I got hired. Practice and hard work got me to where I am now.

3DTotal: I take it from your answer that you also have an interest in 3D is this restricted purely to animation or are you keen on modelling and texturing too?
Marc: I find it very exciting indeed, to be able to take my characters and bring them alive in three
    dimensions. Our teachers goal was not only to teach us 3D animation, but everything we have to know to be able to create a short film at the end of the program. So we learn texturing, modelling, rigging, rendering, particles and everything else. I would say my favourite part was the modelling since it’s the closest to drawing and it’s also the part I’m best at. Currently, at work, along with illustration and concept art, I also do modeling and texturing of my concepts. I find it to be a huge privilege as I'm the only one in the team doing as many different tasks in the production pipeline.

3DTotal: What would you say are the subjects that you enjoy painting the most?
Well let’s see, if one was too look at my gallery, he’d probably have to guess I like to draw pretty girls, since they are the subjects of most of my work so far. But it's not exactly what I like to draw the most. I find drawing girls to be quite hard, so I do it as much as I can to improve! What I’ve come to like painting the most, are environments. I have a huge respect for environment artists because I think it’s one of the hardest things to paint. You know, when you can pull off and create an interesting atmosphere, these are most impressive images.
3DTotal: Who or what would you describe as being the main influences upon your work ?
Honestly, I look up to a lot of CG artists, but I think the ones who influenced me the most, were guys like Dodowa (Kim Young Sang), Kim Hyung tae, Steven Stahlberg, Bengal, Craig Mullins, Ed Lee and Feng Zhu, just to name a few. I learned a lot from their art. On the other hand, the inspiration for my pieces comes from everything around me, I can walk down the street and see something interesting, like a weird looking man or an unusual object and from things like this, I can start and create a few ideas in my mind. I’ll get back home and start working on something I’ve seen that had inspired me, add a few sci-fi devices and a new image is born!  I’m a sci-fi freak and find everything related to robots, space ships and futuristic cities very inspiring.
3DTotal: Sci-Fi seems to be a hugely popular subject amongst many great artists. Why do you think
this is and what is it that interests you particularly?

I think what makes it popular is the fact it doesn’t exist, that it’s all fictional. Pretty much like fantasy, every time we create a Sci-fi scene it lets us express all the creativity we can have, since there’s no restrictions whatsoever. When I have an idea for a piece, I like it to be able to create every aspect of it from scratch, from the building’s shape, to the crazy devices my characters can have. I also like to have a lot of contrasts in my images and combining hi-tech armour with pretty girls is one of many examples I enjoy working on.
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