3DTotal: Hi Kuang, can you give us a short introduction please?
Kuang: I’m 25 years old, I live in Beijing and I am currently employed as an art director in a games company.

3DTotal: Are you self-taught? Or did you attend college?
Kuang: I had never majored in arts before, so I’m all self-taught.

    3DTotal: A lot of our readers are self-taught too but still learn from whatever extra sources they can find, did you do the same and use books or internet tutorials for example to assist your learing?
Kuang: Self learning doesn’t mean cutting off external learning, a person can’t learn in an enclosed world by himself. I’d always used works of masters as my learning subjects, studied quite a bit on traditional and classical works. Although it is difficult to bring out that kind of effect, in the artistic sense and knowledge it has given me a lot of directions for my works.

3DTotal: Can you tell us a little about your drawing techniques?
Because it’s mainly colouring in the computer, so the techniques are limited to what the software’s can provide. I usually use painter 6 and Photoshop 7 to colour. Painter’s usage only allows one kind of brush on one layer, so basically it’s like traditional art to me since I only use watercolours most of the time and just paint on one layer alone. It’s just done on the computer and not by paints. Photoshop allows cutting up of the layers to work on the image in this manner, I find it very suitable for working on large environmental paintings, allowing me to use different layers’ properties and colours to adjust and merge them again as a whole..
3DTotal: Did you start with traditional drawing and painting techniques and then slowly transfer them over to using the computer? If so how did you find this process to the digital medium?
Kuang: I had been sketching and drawing mainly when I was younger, but changing to use the computer happened because I thought it was really something new and wanted to try it. I thought that digital painting was really convenient, but the process of changing really took some time to adapt to a personal style.

As far as I can see every one of your images are
character based, why is this?

Actually I do have quite a few environmental works,
usually with characters though, it’s just that they’re not publicized or posted on the net. Basing a composition on characters should be, say, a personal preference. Of course now I’m also trying out much more other materials and subjects than just characters

3DTotal: If you receive could receive a commission to create a dream image, do you have any idea what it would be?
Dream images to me are too many to speak of. At every stage of life, I will have different thinking, and try to present what I want to do at this time. What I want to do very much now is to bring forth elements from Beijing opera into my own style and develop some interesting images. I have already decided that if I have time, I’ll surely work on it, and I believe it would turn out pretty good!
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