How did it feel to contribute towards the Dredd history and were there any specific challenges
that the job presented?

Carl: I’d been a fan of 2000AD for many years before getting a chance to contribute, and it was a real honour to finally get to work on the top character. As far as specific challenges go, the shoulder pad and eagle can be a headache in certain poses, although my most nerve-wracking moment was having to sketch Dredd whilst appearing on a panel at a Norwegian convention. Every pencil mark was being projected onto a big screen as I worked, and I really don’t think that most of the audience knew either me, or the character. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, I was sitting next to Carlos Ezquerra!
3DTotal: Which comic artists would you rank as your favourites of all time, and why?
Carl: There are lots and for all sorts of different reasons, but for consistently creative high standards it would be a toss up between Mike McMahon and Mike Mignola. Other favourites of mine include (off the top of my head and in no particular order) Duncan Fegredo, Jamie Hewlett, Simon Davis, Nicolas de Crecy and Masamune Shirow.

3DTotal: How would you describe your comic book style?
Carl: Iffy.

3DTotal: What do you think are the most important pieces of advice you could offer to anyone interested
in becoming a comic book artist ?

Carl: Forget being a comic book artist get a proper job and a social life. You’ll thank me in the long run!If you had not been an artist what career do you think you would have followed? A question I seem to be asking myself more and more recently... I’m really not sure, but something that finishes at 5 PM every Friday has it’s appeal.

3DTotal: Thanks for talking to us Carl.
Carl: No problem. Thanks for asking me and I hope it all made some sort of sense!

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