3DTotal: Welcome to 2DArtist, Andrée! Now I’ve been spending a lot of time on your deviantART page recently (http://andreewallin.deviantart.com/), trying to find out more about the man behind the fantastic artwork that’s up in the gallery there, but I have to admit I’ve drawn a bit of a blank. Could you start by telling me (and our readers) who you are, where you came from and how you stumbled into the 2D art arena?
Andrée: Thank you! My name is Andrée, I’m 27 years old, I live in Sweden and I’m currently working with Radical Publishing and Joseph Kosinski on a project called ‘Oblivion’. I opened Photoshop for the first time at age of 19, I think, after I stumbled upon a tutorial made by the great Dhabih Eng. I kept on drawing occasionally in my spare time, alongside my regular job. 2007 I decided to move to Stockholm to study 3D, which turned out to be the same course that Levente Peterffy was taking. He helped me out a lot in the beginning, gave me feedback and later introduced me to my first employer, RealtimeUK.
    3DTotal: Levente Peterffy, now there’s a familiar name for the readers of 2DArtist! He’s featured several times in our gallery section recently, and his amazing work was also showcased in Digital Art Masters: Volume 3 earlier this year. What was it like to be able to learn alongside someone like him?
Andrée: It’s been really great! He’s very helpful and supportive of new aspiring artists.

3DTotal: I noticed that you only joined deviantART and CGSociety a little under a year ago. Was this the first time you’d come across these websites? Or simply the first time you’d felt confident enough to put your artwork out there for the world to see?
Andrée: I had heard about deviantART before, but I never thought my work was good enough for that kind of exposure. So I just kept posting my stuff on a few carefully selected forums instead before I plucked up the courage.

3DTotal: Posting on forums seems to be the classic way for new artists to get their artwork and their name “out there”. There’s such a great community of online artists now, all ready to provide feedback and constructive criticism. Was the feedback that you received helpful? And how much did it affect your approach to your own artwork and the decisions that you make?
Andrée: Of course, most feedback is helpful as long as you really want to progress and get better. But it wasn’t until I joined the great speed painting thread at Sijun.com that I understood the power of these art communities/forums. I kept on posting my stuff there until I started getting comments and feedback from these amazing guys I’ve admired and looked up to for so long, which was a really great boost for my motivation.

3DTotal: Now while I was nosing around your blog, I saw that you describe yourself as a “photoshopaholic”. Care to elaborate on that one?
Andrée: While that statement was intended as a joke, I am pretty addicted to Photoshop since I basically use it 24/7 nowadays. I guess that’s pretty sad when you think about it [Laughs]!

3DTotal: Not sad – dedicated! Is Photoshop the main piece of software you use to create your artworks,
or do you dabble in others too? And what is it about Photoshop that you find so addictive?
Andrée: I only use Photoshop really. I tried Painter once, but I just can’t think of any good reason to
switch or alternate between the two. CS3 has everything I need - it’s a simple as that!
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