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  Over the last seven years, the Digital Art Masters series has brought together over 300 fantastic examples of the world’s best 2D and 3D digital art. Digital Art Masters: Volume 7 continues this tradition by ushering in a new elite group of talented artists whose images are sure to inspire and astound in equal measure. But this book doesn’t just showcase beautiful art; it also offers up details of the creation process behind each image, penned by the artists themselves, presenting a unique opportunity for readers to follow in the footsteps of the masters. Covering topics ranging from fantasy and characters to scenes and cartoons, Digital Art Masters: Volume 7 has something for everyone and is sure to get those creative juices flowing.  

This month's sponsors:
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Andersson Technologies - SynthEyes match-moving/3-D tracking application. Outstanding performance and high-end no-holds-barred feature set with tracking and stabilization plus exporters to 25+ applications for only $399 for PC or Mac. Available 64-bit-native PC and Mac versions can use more than 4GB of RAM to speed workflow.

Eon Software - Designed for vfx studios, animators, architects and matte painters, e-on software's professional solutions offer the most advanced tools for creating, animating and rendering natural 3D environments, and integrating them into any production pipeline.

Luxology - modo 501  is artist-friendly 3D software that combines modeling, sculpting, painting, animation and rendering in a fused workflow. modo is used daily by a worldwide community of artists and designers working in advertising, package design, game development, film and broadcast, architectural and design visualization, and education.

Rocketbox Libraries - Complete Characters HD – Rocketbox Libraries’ latest release provides developers and studios with an easier implementation of AAA quality characters into their products. Complete Characters HD is a collection of highly realistic animated human characters pre-rigged and ready to use. They include a facial bone rig and a wide collection of facial expressions including emotions and phonemes for lip-synced speech.

Siggraph 2012 - Join thousands of the best and brightest minds in art, science, and technology at SIGGRAPH 2012, 5 - 9 August in Los Angeles. Register today and join the international SIGGRAPH community of digital innovators, inspired researchers, award-winning producers, provocative artists, energetic executives, and adventurous engineers. Visit the SIGGRAPH 2012 website, follow the official SIGGRAPH 2012 Twitter feed @siggraph and become a fan of SIGGRAPH 2012 on Facebook, for the most up-to-date event details and information.

The Gnomon Workshop -
The Gnomon Workshop offers a comprehensive library of training DVDs for Visual Effects and Concept Design artists. With over 200 titles created by leading industry professionals from the film, broadcast and game industries, their DVDs are used by artists around the world as a way to learn new techniques, or to sharpen current skills.

Vancouver Film School - Vancouver Film School’s, Animation & Visual Effects department was recently voted the world’s #1 one-year animation education. Spend one year in a studio environment, working with pioneers in the field and networking with industry pros, as you create a reel or film of your own. Choose your path: 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, or Digital Character Animation.

- ZBrush is an integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment. ZBrush’s innovative set of real-time sculpting, texturing, and deformation tools is used in major film studios and game companies worldwide. Its instant feedback and real-time response makes it the most natural feeling digital sculpting tool available today. As a stand-alone application, ZBrush offers tremendous flexibility and appeals to a wide audience.

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