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MODO software tips: model like Teodoru Badiu

By Teodoru Badiu

Web: http://www.theodoru.com/ (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 20th February 2017

Illustrator and character designer Teodoru Badiu shares some of his MODO tips for modeling and compositing colorful scenes just like his...



Ground touch

Software: MODO
Before you start to render your final scene or illustration it is always good to make a last check of the scene to see if your models are touching the floor and do not float, and also to make sure that the models do not intersect with each other. I also use the Check the Render settings and the Materials settings to be sure that I didn't forget anything important.

Wopee World

Vivid images

Software: Photoshop
Digitally rendered images always tend to look a bit dull in my opinion. To have my characters and my 3D illustrations looking more vivid, and to fit my taste, I always duplicate the base layer in Photoshop and increase the saturation by 5%, and after that use the Soft Light blending mode with 50% Opacity merge the layer down. This adds a bit more vibrancy to the rendered image.

Mad Cat vs Popartoon Heroes

PSD backup

Software: MODO
When you work on your final image in Photoshop, with all the render passes as layers, do always save a backup of the PSD file. It saves a lot of time if you may need at some point to change or to add something to the texture. It is also helpful to make a habit of saving your files. Save incrementally after every major step you make, it can save a lot of time if something goes wrong.

The Remix

Using TGA files

Software: MODO, Photoshop
In Photoshop when you are done with the work on the textures you want to use in MODO, make sure you hide the map layer and then you have to merge down all the layers and save them as a 24-bit TGA file. Save the texture under the same name as the image map that you created with MODO, to instantly update that on your model. Also be sure to always save an unmerged PSD version of the texture file to be able to make changes anytime you may need to a later point in time.

Fantastic creatures of the night

Look at the eyes

When it comes to character-based illustrations, the eyes are very important. Keeping that in mind, try to add as much detail as needed to the eyes and the face. This is for me the reason to model the eyes most of the time (unless the illustration does not require that look) and to create reflective glass looking materials instead to just keep the face plain, and to paint the eyes in Photoshop.


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