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Vincent Tonelli: 3D artist interview

By 3dtotal staff

Web: https://www.artstation.com/artist/vinztonelli (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 13th October 2016

Look dev and texture artist Vincent Tonelli discusses his latest gallery entries created with Maya, and his inspirations and plans for the future...



3dtotal: Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you, what do you do, and where are you located?
Vincent Tonelli: I currently live in Montreal. I did my studies in France at Supinfocom Arles (now called MOPA). I graduated in 2011. I worked for 2 years in Paris in advertising, then I started to work for the animated movies "Mune" and "The Little Prince" with On Animation Studios. The production was relocated to Montreal, and I have lived in Montreal since 2013. I was a texture artist on "Mune" and then I had the chance to work as lead look dev set/props on "The Little Prince." I still have the same position at On Animation Studios for whom I am still working.

3dt: Where did you find the inspiration for your latest gallery entry? What's the story behind its creation?

VT: I had never done a robot in 3D. I wanted to do one to work on the look dev of the metal. I also wanted to do something colorful. I didn't want to do a futuristic robot. Actually the whole inspiration came from an image I found on Pinterest, it was the image of an old stove. Very quickly, after finding the image, the idea of a baking robot came to me. Then I tried to choose pastel colors – I thought it would be interesting and original for a robot illustration.


3dt: What software and plug-ins did you use to create this image? Did you face any difficulties, and how did you overcome them?
VT: I used Maya to do the modeling. For unwrapping the UVs, I used UVLayout. For the texturing, I used mainly MARI, and a little bit of Substance Painter. For the rendering, I used Guerilla Render. These are the software I use a lot on productions, so I am pretty comfortable with them. Using them in my personal project allows me to be more familiar with them.

3dt: What software would you like to learn in the future to expand your portfolio and skillset, and why?
VT: I would like to learn sculpting. I am using sculpting to do texture maps, but I don't have the skills to create complex characters, or organic creatures. It would also allow me to create characters more easily, and then use a rotopology tool to get a good a mesh. I would also like to learn more things about hair and fur to create more interesting images and funny haircuts.


3dt: How do you keep your portfolio up-to-date? Any tips?
VT: The objective is to create an image every three months. I try to work on two projects at the same time. If I lose my inspiration, or I feel like my first project isn't progressing any more, I can work on the second one for a while so I can get a fresher look when I start working on the first project again. I also need to have some free time. It can be difficult when I am in a rush finishing a production.

3dt: Who are your favorite artists, traditional or digital, and can you explain why?
VT: I really like the work of the French studio Fortiche Production; I find their way of mixing 2D and 3D very interesting. I admire the artist Pascal Campion a lot; I think that he is very good with colors and compositions. I also like Mike McCarthy and the universe he has created for the "Fable" video series. I am a big fan of Abigail Larson and her twisted universe. I also follow the work of Michael Kutsche and the lovely creatures he creates.


3dt: What can we expect to see from you next?
VT: I am currently working on two projects. The first one is an organic project on which I want to work macro rendering. I am also working on a more traditional project; a set on which I would like to work on the color panel and the architectures. Later, I think I will have less time to work on my personal project because my studio is beginning production on an animated movie, but I would really like to create a CG 17th-century lady.

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