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New Kickstarter project, 404: Law Not Found

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 9th September 2013

How long have you been working on the game and what's been your biggest high and low point during the process?

That question is a little misleading, as I've only been working on the game since June, which isn't long by hobby gaming standards. On the other hand, working on this is my full time job, so I've probably put more hours into the project than most board games see before release.

The biggest high point was my first blind play-test (I wish I'd recorded that). Answering every question 'no comment' and watching people learn and play for the first time was hugely rewarding, sure that draft of the rulebook was somewhat flawed and they didn't play the game exactly as I'd designed it, but it was the first time I had an idea of what the pure experience of the game was like. Watching the smiles (and evil grins) spread across their faces as they read their mission cards is a sight I'll not soon forget.

Greg's mates play-test 404

The low point probably occurred over the last month or so; I wound up behind another project in the queue and had to keep delaying progress on the game while waiting for one resource or another. When everything's going wrong I can cope, but I don't do particularly well with having nothing to do. So I spent the time learning how to do video editing and running and recording additional play-tests. I also spend some time finding new ways to reach out to people in the gaming media. It was probably for the best that it happened, but I didn't feel great about it at the time.

"I don't want to make something beautiful that nobody gets to play"

Why has Kickstarter been chosen as the platform to showcase the game?

Let me take you on a tangent: I can't abide the notion of buying a beautiful chess set and putting it on display somewhere that it will never be touched for fear that it might be marred. Games are meant to be played. This is 3DTotal's second gaming project and first board game project; we don't know exactly how many people will be interested and we don't know how high-quality we can afford to make all of the pieces. I don't want to make something beautiful that nobody gets to play. I don't want to make something that could've been more than it is. I don't want gamers not to be able to get a copy of a game that they want to play. What I want is for 404's final form to be as close as possible to what gamers will enjoy.

Kickstarter is more than a sales platform, it's a way of having a conversation with our backers about what they want from the game and showing what we can do to make that happen. That way, we can make something that they're really going to enjoy, which lets 404 be what it's meant to be. Games are meant to be played.

The game is multifaceted, with rooms themselves each having subdivisions

If people want to support the game, what do they need to do?
Play it and have fun.

Supporting the Kickstarter would be pretty good too. Then we can make the game contain all sorts of cool bonus stuff. There are stretch goals to add extra upgrade chips, some player aids and a new map for the game. I'd love to see all of that happen! Pledging is great (and gets you the game) but if you're a little short on cash you can still help out by joining the discussions on Kickstarter and shouting about us on facebook, twitter and the like.

If you could pick just three reasons why people should people pledge their hard-earned cash to support 404: Law Not found, what would they be?

The most common question that I get asked about the game is "Can we play again?"

£28 with free delivery to the US and EU is a bargain.

If someone asks you what you did with your weekend you can answer "Feeding scientists into the garbage disposal" and refuse to comment further.

More cards than a hobby-gamer can shake a stick at

Greg's stats:

He would describe himself as: Comforter, Philosopher and Lifelong Mate.

First discovered a love for board games: When his parents introduced him to gaming, shortly before they got around to teaching him to walk.

Top three favorite games are: Twilight Imperium, Space Alert, Mafia.

Random Fact: Greg's approach to transport is fantastically impractical. He has learned to sail a boat and fly a glider, but never seems to find the time to learn to drive.

Forget Asimov. These are Carslaw's Three Laws of Robotics

Check out the 404 Kickstarter page here.
Thanks in advance for any pledges!

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