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Interview with Victor Hugo

By Henry Winchester

Web: http://vitorugo.com (will open in new window)
Email: moc.ogurotiv@tcatnoc

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Date Added: 4th September 2013

Which pieces of software do you tend to use when creating your illustrations?

My main packages are: 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, UVLayout and for rendering I usually use V-Ray, but I've been doing some tests with Maxwell Render and the results are really exciting!

Has your approach and toolset changed since you started working as an artist? Do you think it's become easier or harder?

I study everyday to be a better artist. The industry requires a fast professional, so I'm always trying to improve my pipeline, adding or even removing software from my toolset. For example: when I started character modeling, first I made a sketch in ZBrush and the retopology in Topogun and then exported it to 3D. It always worked quite well, but the back and forth really annoyed me, so I decided to study retopology inside 3ds Max, and it works perfectly! I'm always looking for a way to be faster without losing quality, or even improving it.

Which single piece of work are you most proud of?

Now that's a hard one! Hahaha! But I will choose the "Self Portrait" one. It was the first completely original character that I ever created, and the feedback was really awesome! I have a huge passion for each piece that I make, but this one has a special place among them. Heh!

What's the biggest challenge you've faced as an artist?

Definitely the Street Fighter III trailer. I was forced to learn things that I've never done before, like rigging, motion graphics and video post-production. We were a really small CG team (me and my friend Derek, who animates and directed the trailer), so with every idea that we had for the trailer I had to learn a solution.

Your Street Fighter III trailer showed your skills as a filmmaker as well as an artist. Is this something you'd like to pursue in the future?

Sure, I've been putting together some ideas, and since I'm always avoiding the comfort zone, I think that it would be great to make a completely authorial short movie. Maybe something more emotional than two guys punching each other!

You're attending Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival as a speaker - would you be able to give us an idea of what you'll be talking about?

I'm planning to talk about things I've learned over the years, like what to focus on, show off my creative process and talk about how your background can influence and help you. I'm really looking forward to it!

Have you ever given a talk or attended a festival like this before?

Not like this! Hahaha! I've talked a couple of times for art schools and I've also given a lecture at Campus Party - it was a great experience since it was streamed over the internet! I'm really really anxious for THU Festival, it will be my first lecture abroad - and my first trip too!

Are there any other speakers/events at THU you're keen to see?

A LOT OF ARTISTS! Haha! Look at the speakers list! Guys from Sony Imageworks, Platige, Blizzard, Pixar, Serge Birault, Jose Alves and my work mates Pedro Conti and Tiago Hoisel... who wouldn't be excited? I'm really hoping to learn a lot from all those awesome artists and get in touch with them!

You're based in Sao Paulo - is there a thriving digital arts scene there?

Yeah, we have a number of great artists and studios coming up every day. Artistically talking, I think that we have never been better. But there's still that little educational problem that I mentioned at the beginning. Are we thriving? Sure we are. But we could be much more!

Could you tell us something about yourself not many people would know?

I'm small! Hahaha! Really, I'm 1.65m tall! That's why I look like a chibi on my self portrait!

Click here for an interview with one of the 2D artists speaking at the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival, Dan Luvisi!

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MauricioPC on Thu, 05 September 2013 3:52pm
Great interview. And great work Victor. Your work inspire me to learn this even in a old age (31). Keep up man, it's great!
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