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Krisztián Tejfel: traditional painter interview

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 14th August 2015


The extremely talented Hungarian painter and photographer Krisztián Tejfel shares his portfolio, inspirations and words of wisdom for fellow artists...



Channelling the passion for art that he has held since childhood, Krisztián Tejfel has explored many avenues in the art world, from drawing to traditional painting, from photography to tattoo art. The wealth of technical experience he has gained from creating art in so many different ways has informed Krisztián's stunning digital portraiture. His portraits are mostly of women, with the subject often looking directly at the viewer, drawing the viewer into his mesmerizing works. Today, Krisztián talks to 3dtotal about his work and his plans for future projects...

Krisztián likes to create digital artwork with textures and visible brushstrokes

The direct gaze of the subject to the viewer is common in Krisztián's work

Hello Krisztián! Thanks for talking to 2dartist. First off, could you introduce yourself with a bit about your background and projects?

Hey, thank you for the opportunity! My name is Krisztián Tejfel, I was born in 1979, in a town called Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. It turned out very soon, in my early childhood, that I was interested in anything that was art, but I liked drawing the best. Later I tried several branches of the arts, from painting to tattooing, but I also dealt with airbrush techniques. Later, when I was involved in photography, I learned a lot about lighting, composition and conveying emotions, which I think is the most important element of a good portrait. Since I never had any formal arts training, I had to figure everything out for myself, so all that knowledge burned into me very deeply. Currently I am working mostly on my own projects, which I really enjoy!

Krisztián simulates oil and watercolour effects in his digital work

A slightly more surreal work

You have created some incredible portraits which have quite a traditional style to them. How did you develop this style?

I'm glad if you see it like that. The truth is I never liked the kinds of digital painting which are too sterile, with no texture and brushstrokes. I have always tried to imitate traditional painting techniques. At first I thought that this is only possible by using custom brushes. Now I know I can do almost anything with a basic chalk brush. Of course, a custom brush often comes in handy, but the ‘secret' lies more in the handling and the settings of the brush.

Krisztián's past explorations of other art forms, including tattoo art, can be seen in his digital work

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