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Interview with Game Artist Academy

By 3dtotal staff

Web: http://www.gameartistacademy.com (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 4th August 2014

The newly rebranded Game Artist Academy chat to 3dtotal about what students can expect on its Game Character Creation courses...



The Game Artist Academy has been providing courses for students looking to get into the videogame industry since January 2013, and has recently rebranded to open up its doors to a larger variety of courses and students. So, insert Artist in place of Character and you get Game Artist Academy, allowing for much greater scope in terms of course content. Read on to find out how they plan to develop the minds and skills of tomorrow's game artists...

3dtotal: You have changed your name from Game Character Academy to Game Artist Academy. What inspired the rebranding?

Game Artist Academy: We want to do more than character art. Rebranding to Game Artist Academy will allow us to really expand our horizons in terms of the variety of courses we offer. The inspiration is our focus, which is centered on the artist and their individual skill.

We are also proud to welcome Partick Murphy to the GAA family! Pat is an Art Director at Sony Santa Monica, creators of the God of War franchise. Previously he was the Lead Character Artist on the franchise and was responsible for creating and leading the team that created some of the most memorable creatures and characters in videogame history.

We are still dedicated to adding quality skills to the industry!



3dt: What can students look forward to in the character course curriculum?
GAA: The curriculum is completely built with production in mind. Everything we're teaching is based on the idea of "How is this going to turn our students into kick-ass character artists that companies will hire?" The real breakthrough and reward for us is actually seeing how far our current students have come in such a short time. There is a week-by-week breakdown on the website of the curriculum, but I think if people really want to get a sense of what the course is about, they should take a look at our student gallery. It says a lot more than my words could say!

3dt: When does the new semester start?

GAA: We are looking at an October start.


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