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Top 10 inspiring games for 3D artists

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 8th July 2014

Videogames are one of the best places to look for aspiring 3D artists in search of inspiration. Check out our collection of 10 videogames that always get the
blood pumping!


The artists behind videogames create characters, nature, worlds – anything they want, really. It's an area of unfettered creativity and imagination, and as such is one of the best places to look for an aspiring 3D artist searching for inspiration.

There are a lot more than just these, but here's our pick for 10 of the most inspiring games out there if you're a 3D artist. And if you're not, they're just pretty to look at, okay?

Words by: Ian Dransfield

1. Project Cars

Let's start this off by choosing a game that isn't actually out yet, because that makes... sense? Anyway, Project Cars – which will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One at some point – already looks absolutely phenomenal.

The attention to detail on the vehicles is nothing short of astonishing, and shows the levels artists are willing to go to in order to make photorealistic representations in the world of gaming.


2. BioShock Infinite

There are more realistic-looking first-person shooters around (as you'll see later in this list), but BioShock Infinite is one of the more imaginative games out there – an inspiration for anyone who wants to let their creative juices flow, rather than just emulating life.

A bright and colorful floating city, half-man/half-machine beasts, tonics that give you magical powers – there's definitely a lot of imagination on show. And it's beautiful to boot!


3. Shadow of the Colossus

Stepping back into the deepest darkest recesses of 2005, we can find this gem originally released on the PlayStation 2. Shadow of the Colossus is a master class in design, both when it comes to in-game mechanics and artistry – the latter's bleak, foreboding nature tying in so wonderfully with the storyline.

An HD remake was released on the PS3, sharpening things up and generally making it all look a bit nicer, so go and get that if you haven't already. Inspiring and awe-inspiring.


4. L.A. Noire

It took forever to make and the tech used on it was so expensive it's unlikely to show up in any other game soon, but that doesn't make L.A. Noire any less impressive.

On first look it's just another GTA-alike, but when you actually watch it in motion you see something different – facial animations are absolutely spectacular, allowing for features like being able to see on someone's face if they're lying. It just shows what the as-yet unrealized potential of artistry in gaming can bring to the table.


5. Crysis 3

Where BioShock Infinite was the more fantastical-looking game, Crysis 3 is the one that hangs firmly in the realistic camp. That is to say realistic with the threat of alien beasts killing you at any minute, of course.

For those looking at building realistic-looking worlds, with characters that animate in a believable fashion and atmosphere you can almost reach out and touch, Crysis 3 is the current game to beat.


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Manuel on Tue, 08 July 2014 8:36pm
This is great! I think Borderlans 2 deserves to be on this list! But the games on the list are really nice to watch, i preffer watching gameplays rather than playing them and almost all of this game are on mi list too.
Croaker on Tue, 08 July 2014 5:49pm
Where's the Assassin's Creed love? Every single title is a masterpiece in both 3D design and beauty.
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