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NVIDIA Make Your Mark

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 28th April 2014

10 remarkable artists from around the world make their mark by producing illustrations inspired by Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, on the Tegra NOTE 7 tablet. See how they fare here!


Make Your Mark is a new project meant to inspire a global movement by making visible the creative potential of illustration, graphics and animation on the NVIDIA Tegra NOTE 7 tablet. With the device’s DirectStylus technology, smooth lines and strokes flow seamlessly from hand to tablet, giving creators more power to imagine than ever before.

To showcase the capabilities of the Tegra NOTE 7 tablet, NVIDIA has invited 10 remarkable artists from across the globe to 'make their mark' by producing 3 illustrations, inspired by Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, on the Tegra NOTE 7 tablet. What’s more, their journeys will be made into a series of short films to encourage creative exchange and inspire the creative dabbler in all of us!

Doug MacMillan, director of Worldwide Mobile Marketing at NVIDIA, commented: “DirectStylus was designed to make digital inking and drawing more natural for creators, capturing fine details with pressure sensitivity. Make Your Mark taps into the work of some very innovative and visual minds as inspiration for a global community
to imagine digitally.”

The films will be shared through NVIDIA’s YouTube channel, with the first launching on 28 April, 2014.

We'll be updating this feature with more images and videos as they are released. Stay tuned!

Why I, Robot?

For two decades, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics. Visual computing has heavily influenced science fiction over the years and Isaac Asimov's I, Robot of 1950 is one of the most influential books in the history of the genre.

The stories contained here introduced the Three Laws of Robotics (and the word “robotics” itself), and even now these form the starting point for discussions of machine ethics and machine learning across contemporary science and art.

Why the Tegra NOTE 7?

NVIDIA's take on the Android tablet is slated to be the fastest in the world. Its size makes it the perfect traveling companion for artists, offering brilliant speed and a 7-inch HD display for those that like to create on the fly. Whether you work with fine lines or broad strokes, the tablet allows for incredible control!

"There’s a fear of anything new, because you’ve been so used to your existing technique and set of processes," London-based artist, Rugman, commented. "I’m really surprised by the actual definition of the line on the Tegra NOTE 7. I want to use it like I use a piece of paper. It will definitely become part of my repertoire. It’s so cool!"


The chosen ones...

Over the coming days, we'll take a journey with 10 artists as we get to know them and their works - in return they will offer us tips and techniques to accomplish both basic and more complex artworks! Here's a little about the talents on board...

1. Rugman

Rugman is a London-based artist and designer, and the founder of Rum Knuckles StreetWear. At an early age, life was all about skate, punk music and drawing. He also spent time in New York working for a textile house; collaborating with designer labels like Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. He now paints from a studio in London and has been known to stencil the streets of East London!


2. Kako

Kako is an award-winning Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer based in Sao Paulo, working for advertising, publishing and editorial clients around the world. His awards include the Gold Lion at Cannes Advertising Festival 2008, the Gold Medal at El Ojo de Iberoamerica Advertising Festival and Best Illustrator of 2007 at HQMix Awards. He also likes to flirt with the comic book world, creating covers for unusual books!

3. Kathrin Jacobsen

Kathrin Jacobsen is from Cologne, Germany. She is a graphic designer/illustrator with clients including the Royal Academy of Arts, Sony, MTV and Fabriano. Graphic design projects include books for Anthony McCall, David Hockney, the catalogue for one of the RA’s most successful shows, Van Gogh, and a range of identities and exhibition graphics. She has illustrated books, merchandise and even origami sets! Kathrin is now writing and illustrating her first book.


4. Luke Waller

Luke Waller is an illustrator, working mainly across Europe for clients in the editorial, advertising, fashion and publishing sectors. From his base in Winchester, England, Luke works regularly for clients such as The Financial Times and Panorama Magazine (Italia). As a side project he is currently illustrating his own book based on true stories from his father and uncle's time in the British Police.


5. Ahn Zhe

Ahn (born Tu Tse-wei) discovered his love of comics in junior high; while his classmates were copying the drawings of popular artists, Ahn was already using comics to record his life, drawing the girls he liked, the teacher nagging away in class, or whatever dramas came to mind. In 2013, Ahn won first prize at the Fumetto Comix-Festival, Lucern and was nominated at the Angouleme International Comics Festival.

6. Wes Louie

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Wes Louie is a concept artist and illustrator working in the entertainment industry for the likes of Zoic Studios, Digital Domain and The Walt Disney Company. Wes has created concept art for film projects such as The Dark Tower, Thor, Buck Rogers and more. His videogame storyboarding and concept work includes Halo 4, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Skylanders, Infiniti Blade II and many more.

7. Jing X Hu

Jing X Hu is a university student that describes her style as "gothic and detailed". She specialises in painting, illustration and comics, is a published Manga artist. She has also written and illustrated a weekly comic strip for a Singapore newspaper since 2009. Jing is currently listening to Purple Passion and Beethoven virus. She likes to watch Sherlock, eat mulled wine candy and drink iced tea.


8. Vaan Tsao

Vaan was born in China; she has a diverse practice, with a proficiency in both ceramics and drawing - disciplines that have been strongly influenced by her obsession with cubism, futurism and constructivism. Studying for a BA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Art, her experience as a graphic designer and illustrator includes product design, typography and graphics for game developers and exhibitions.


Stay tuned for updates as the journey continues!

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