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By Henry Winchester

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Date Added: 6th February 2014
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Our pick of the most promising gizmos waiting to be exchanged for your hard-earned cash


We couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw Apple's new Mac Pro. The company is known for making tiny, incremental changes to its products (look at the iPhone and MacBook Air), so the fact that it's totally re-envisioned the Mac Pro as a sleek desktop object marks a bold move from the Californian company.

This week we've also found some indestructible earbuds, a cheap but decent Windows 8 tablet, and a 3D printer which can work with a variety of materials and colors. If we had to choose one, we'd go for the 3D printer, and then sell it to buy all the others.

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1. Mac Pro

177_tid_1 mac pro.jpg
© Apple

Apple's latest professional desktop computer comes in a tiny cylinder, but packs enough high-end components to make it far more powerful than it looks. Within you'll find dual workstation-class GPUs, PCIe flash storage and the latest Intel Xeon E5 processors. Apple's having problems meeting the demand, but order one now and it'll be with you for March.

2. Aurisonics Rockets

177_tid_2 aurisonics.jpg
© Aurisonics

While we love the discrete, noise-blocking nature of in-ear headphones, the fact that they always, always fall apart has put us off investing in a pair of high-end lughole fillers. Aurisonics' Rockets earphones are said to be nigh-on indestructible, surviving a battering with a sledgehammer, and the fact that they're developed by a professional audio engineer means they should sound sweet too. They're currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, where you can reserve a pair for £149.

3. ASUS Transformer Book T100

177_tid_3 asus.jpg
© Asus

Asus' Transformer range isn't comprised of robots in disguise; instead they're clever laptop-cum-tablets which give you the best of both worlds. The latest addition to the line, the T100, includes Windows 8.1 for Microsoft Office LOLs, as well as an 11-hour battery life and a quad-core Intel processor. Best of all is the price: it's a mere £349.

4. Olympus OM-D E-M10

177_tid_4 olympus.jpg
© Olympus

Olympus' latest micro four-thirds camera is possibly the most retro to date, looking like something Roger Moore would have used to photograph women in a 70s Bond movie. It's packed with high-end technology, though, including WiFi, a 16-megapixel sensor and a 25,600 max ISO for high-speed low-light shots. It costs a very reasonable £529 too.

5. Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer

177_tid_5 stratasys.jpg
© Stratasys

Makerbot maker Stratasys' latest printer features a cumbersome name and a similarly huge £200,000 price tag – but it also has the potential to revolutionize the 3D printing industry. Its key innovation is that it can blend materials and colors together, so you can create multi-colored part-rubberized objects such as funky glasses and horrible shoes.

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