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Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014

By Poz Watson

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Date Added: 4th February 2014

What makes THU different?

For Luís, one of the big challenges for 2014 will be re-creating the magic of the first THU/2013, but with more people in attendance this time. 2013 saw 200 people wash up on the Troia peninsula, and THU/2014 will probably have around 500, with that being the maximum that Luís thinks they should keep to, in order to maintain its special atmosphere.

This is Alessesandro Baldasseroni's Ettore Fieramosca, and Baldasseroni is one of the speakers
already confirmed for the 2014 festival - © Alessesandro Baldasseroni

"I'm really thrilled at the idea to inspire and be inspired, share knowledge and meet fellow artists in beautiful Portugal.”

Alessandro Baldasseroni

"This is gonna be my first time as a lecturer at THU/2014,” says Alessandro Baldasseroni of Blur Studio, "and I'm really thrilled at the idea to inspire and be inspired, share knowledge and meet fellow artists in beautiful Portugal. I've been told by people who attended the previous edition that the atmosphere at THU is kind of unique due to the informal and cozy interactions between lecturers and participants; this is really what I'm looking forward to.”

Traditional art skills are given real focus at THU, because there's no point knowing the
software if you don't have the craft to back it up

Luís has plenty of ideas to keep the event feeling special and friendly, even as it grows, and probably the largest of these will be the way THU/2014 will have different categories of speakers. First, there will be Mentors, who will offer private lessons to attendees, so "sharing knowledge in a more personal way.” And then there will be the second category, called Legends. Luís explains: "Scott Ross made this happen, his opening lecture in 2013 was so impressive, so we thought that having more people with his experience would take the event to another level.”

The Portuguese sun was a big draw in 2013, and André Luís is hoping to confirm this year's venue soon

Also new will be Workshops, "a bigger and better” concentration on traditional art and also recruitment sessions, with around 10 companies available and interested in seeing portfolios from attendees. And of course, Luís promises there will still be fun, with happy hours, midnight art battles and nude life drawing sessions by SUICIDE Girls.

Artists like Denis Zilber ensure that a whole range of styles and specialties are
allowed to shine at THU - © Denis Zilber

Speak and greet

Other confirmed speakers for THU 2014 include Catherine Mullan, Rebeca Puebla, Ben Mauro, Denis Zilber, Kyle Mcculloch, Andrew Hickinbottom and Ian McQue. So if you're interested in hearing those artists talk, and maybe being able to grab a beer with them too, then head on over to www.trojan-unicorn.com to find out more.

Rebeca Puebla will be another of the artists speaking at THU 2014 - © Rebeca Puebla

"Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is a bootcamp in paradise. We really want to make something that really has an impact on people's lives.”

André Luís

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