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Top Tech #006

By Henry Winchester

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Date Added: 23rd December 2013
159_tid_9 deltaprintr.png

We have a bit of a rummage around the internet and bring you Dell's new tablet, Adonit's new stylus and a rather cool 3D printer. Check out our top pick of newfangled gadgets!


If you're anything like us, you've still got a bit (okay, a lot) of Christmas shopping to finish off. Fortunately we're at hand to provide inspiration and last-minute gift ideas with our final Top Tech of 2013.

Among the highlights this week are Dell's surprisingly non-boring tablet, the new even-more-extreme GoPro, and a stylus with a really wee tip for writing and drawing properly. You'll also find a new 3D printer concept, a very old game concept, and an awesome but ultimately poorly-thought-through camera. Merry Christmas!

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1. Dell Venue 8 Pro

159_tid_1 dell 2.jpg
© Dell

Dell is slowly shaking off its dour corporate image and actually producing some rather cool tech. The Venue 8 Pro (£249) is a Windows 8-powered tablet powered by an Intel Atom processor and Intel HD graphics, but what intrigues us most is the 8-inch display with 10 point capacitive touch, so you could potentially run the full version of Photoshop on it.

2. Jot Script

159_tid_2 jot.png
© Adonit

Most styluses we've used have simply shoved a bit of rubber on a pen body, which isn't great for more precise and intricate drawings. Adonit's Jot Script ($74.99) features a really tiny 1.9mm tip, which apparently makes it feel more like a pen. Chuck in an AAA battery and it'll show off its nifty palm rejection skills.

3. GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition

159_tid_3 gopro.jpg
© GoPro

GoPros have become the go-to camera for extreme filming and it's not hard to see why. These robust little blighters will survive being chucked about, submerged and even falling out of aeroplanes - and they'll keep running the whole time. The latest HERO3+ Black Edition (£359.99) is smaller, faster and just generally better than its predecessors.

4. Steam Machine

159_tid_4 steam.jpg
© Valve

The big gaming news of the past few days has been Half-Life creator Valve's Steam Machines - Linux-powered beasties set to take on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the living room. While the demo units have been sent to 300 lucky US gamers, intrepid geeks can try building their own by downloading the SteamOS software.

5. JBL Synchros

159_tid_5 jbl.jpg

JBL's latest headphones use signal processing technology to deliver a full, round and organic sound, apparently similar to listening to live music. They look the part, too, so you can listen to tunes while you're hard at work without feeling a bit silly. They start at £69.99 for the in-ear S100, and range up to £299.99 for the S700.

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