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Top Tech #005

By Henry Winchester

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Date Added: 6th December 2013
147_tid_cube 2.jpg

Two companies promise to take the pain out of 3D printing, while Dell, Sony and Nike show off their latest products.


We love the possibility of 3D printing, but we haven't quite got round to investing in a 3D printer ourselves. Two items in this edition of our tech round-up look mighty tempting, though. Cubify's 3D printer is the nicest-looking we've seen so far, whereas DIWire's wire-bending gizmo uses cheap and readily-available wire rather than expensive plastic composites.

Other highlights this week include a magic bluetooth pencil, Sony's PlayStation 4 and Dell's retina-scorching new 4K monitor. Ironically, tracking down high-res photos of the latter proved to be a bit tricky.

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1. Cube 3D Printer

147_tid_1 cube.jpg
© Firebox

3D printers are in the process of taking off – but we've yet to see a Microsoft or Apple-style company establish itself in the market. Our money's on Cubify, whose Cube 3D printer (£1,195) doesn't look like it was built by your mad uncle in his shed, and it's the only printer to be certified for safe at-home use.

2. DIWire

147_tid_2 diwire.jpg
© Pensa Labs

3D printing isn't the only way to get your digital creations into reality – Pensa Labs' DIWire is a simpler machine which bends wire at specific angles, so you can build all sorts of (literal) wireframe models. It's currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, and it's worth backing if you often find yourself running out of coat hangers.

3. Pencil

147_tid_3 pencil.jpg
© FiftyThree

It may look like a traditional carpenter's pencil, but FiftyThree's simplistically-named Pencil (from $49.95) contains a bunch of tech. Designed to be used in conjunction with FiftyThree's Paper app (see what they did there?), it connects via Bluetooth so you can sketch quickly and accurately, and you can even use its eraser to rub out mistakes.

4. PlayStation 4

147_tid_4 playstation4.jpg
© Sony

Released last week, the PlayStation 4 (£350) is Sony's stab at next-gen gaming. New features include a redesigned DualShock controller which includes a speaker and touch pad, ‘game curation' based on what you play, and, of course, loads of new games. We especially liked the PlayStation 3 for its solid media support, and this continues with its bigger brother's 4K capabilities.

5. Dell UltraSharp 32 Monitor

147_tid_5 dell.jpg
© Dell

Which brings us neatly to Dell's new uber-screen. Packing a drool-worthy 3840 x 2160 resolution, it's perfect for artists and animators who want to see their work at the fullest possible resolution, and PremierColor technology means there's little risk of color discrepancies. Having had some eyes-on time with 4K, we can tell you the razor sharp perfection of the image is worth the £2,739 asking price.

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