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Top 10 inspiring interviews from April to June 2018

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 30th August 2018

From established freelancers to aspiring artists and studio professionals, learn more about best practices and top advice in the most popular peer interviews from the last 3 months…

Artists never stop asking themselves how they can improve, or looking at how other artists deal with their work, or where their inspiration comes from. Check out these popular interviews full of pearls of wisdom and insight into other artist's worlds...

Jaykrushna Rawool: modeling TD interview

Mumbai-based modeling TD for Double Negative, Jaykrushna Rawool, likes to experiment with new software updates to create personal work, and exploring what's out there. Find out more...


Karagiannis Stavros: 3D generalist & character artist interview

3D generalist and character artist Karagiannis Stavros creates realistic renders in ZBrush for clients and personal work – check out Lion-O and Jean-Claude Van Damme…


Claudius Dsouza: character designer interview

3dsense Media School lecturer and character designer Claudius Dsouza offers advice for new artists, talks about his workflow, and showcases some of his awesome portfolio...


Leandro Sakami: character illustrator interview

São Paulo-based 2D and 3D character artist Leandro Sakami shares some of his 3D characters and talks about his passions, inspiration, and workflow…


François Boquet: 3D artist interview

Belgian 3D artist living and working in Paris for Oh Bibi, François Boquet, shares his favorite themes and genres, workflow, and inspirations...


Rishi Raj: 3D character modeler interview

Indian 3D character modeler Rishi Raj has worked in the VFX and Animation industries for 7 years, and shares some of his knowledge and portfolio...


Julio Macias: collectibles sculptor interview

Mexican sculptor of collectibles Julio Macias shares the inspirations and workflow behind his creations, and his push for perfection…


Halcescu Alex: character artist interview

3D character artist Halcescu Alex created the popular white walker gallery entry – check out his working methods and inspirations...


Juan Diego Borda Cepeda: illustrator & concept artist interview

Colombian concept artist and illustrator Juan Diego Borda Cepeda is transitioning into the world of concept art, learning all the time. Find out more...


Mohsen Hashemi: arch-viz artist interview

Arch-viz artist Mohsen Hashemi explains how a near-death incident spurred on his creative need, and shares awesome work from his portfolio...


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