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Alexandr Novitskiy: 3D artist & modeler interview

By 3dtotal staff

Web: https://www.artstation.com/tigersfather (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 31st May 2018

Modeler and past "3DCreative” contributor Alexandr Novitskiy talks about the importance of developing your own ideas and working on personal concepts...



3dtotal: Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you, what do you do, and where are you located?
Alexandr Novitskiy: Hello folks! I'm a 3D artist located in Kiev, Ukraine. I started my way as a vehicle modeler because I saw a good opportunity to start learning graphics by modeling cars. I just wanted to become a good modeler at that time and I thought about nothing except that. Later I found that modeling becomes much more interesting when you develop your own ideas, so I began to work on my personal concepts.



3dt: Tell us about your art: Your style, themes, genre, and some of the favorite projects you have worked on.
AN: It's hard to talk about style; I think this is what comes to people who do what they like to do. Somebody can say that style is the specific soul of a work, but I think that it's the kind of mind algorithms you're using while working. So style is just a result of the regular work and a sign that you're on the right way.

I believe that personal independent style is the way to be a true artist. That's why I don't like to copy someone else's works. I think that everyone who cares about style and art should do personal projects first. Working for yourself can do miracles. So if you have no spare time when you can work on projects you like, just take a break, start working for yourself, create things you love most of all. And it will bring you the desired result for sure.

If you totally have no time – you should choose what to do; work, or art. I think that there is nothing bad to drop an uninteresting job or something else that stands in your way. Free individuals should pursue their own interests first.


3dt: Can you describe your typical workflow, and the software/hardware you normally use when creating your artwork?
AN: Typically, I'm working with Maya. All blockouts I create in Maya, it's my main tool in the early stages of each work. Next steps can vary, of course. I can continue work in ZBrush, for example, if I will find it useful in some project and/or I can create some parts faster and easier than in Maya.
For texturing I am focused on the PBR pipeline now, I see a lot of sense in it. I learned how to make it in Mari first, but now I've moved into Substance Painter.

For renders I use V-Ray (final) and Marmoset Toolbag (realtime) for PBR-textured models. I think that main focus should be placed on lighting, it's a clue for atmospheric renders and style within any pipeline.

In hardware I prefer to have a sensitive mouse (top razer/steelseries decisions works well for me), keyboard, and tablet. I like to feel comfortable in work with my main tools. Sure, good PC configuration is necessary too.



3dt: What inspires you?
AN: It's hard to say that I have something special that inspires me. Inspiration is a very unstable thing, so I'm trying not to think that way. If I have an idea, I just start working on it, even if I'm in a bad mood.

If we will talk about things that can give some good mood, it's a video game for me at this time. I'm talking about single player games with deep atmosphere and storytelling. I grew up on classic sci-fi literature like Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Sheckley, and so on, and games like Arcanum and Fallout, so I appreciate uncommon ideas and interesting stories first of all in any form of art.

I like art in games, movies, everywhere. It's all around us. And art is a way we are creating this world. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing.



3dt: How do you keep your portfolio up-to-date? Any tips?
AN: I learned one major rule: all interesting things always lie outside the comfort zone. It's always hard to create more complex works than you're used to, but it's critically important for everyone who wants to grow. So I'm trying to push myself to make something more difficult each time. It's a good way to learn new software and pipelines also.

The second important thing is to learn innovate approaches to all stages of work. It will help to keep your brain up-to-date first. Most of our problems lies in the rigidity of our mind, which wants to do everything in the usual way. It helps to save mental resources. I'm just trying to force myself each time to learn something new, to think of more complicated constructions and mechanisms. Then I try to finish it in a slightly better way than previously. It helps to enhance my skills and feel better.



3dt: Who are your favorite artists, traditional or digital, and can you explain why?
AN: My favorite artists in 3D are Vitaliy Bulgarov and Alexey Kashpersky. Vitaliy is the best hard surface modeling monster I know, I love his style and the way he creates things. He has a perfect feeling of form and shape and it's a big pleasure to see how he works. Alexey is a god of color decisions and composition for me. He is a medical artist, so his field is organics.

In 2D it's Sergey Kolesov, Cedric Peyravernay, and Piotr Jabłoński. Sergey is a mind-blowing conceptual visionary; Cedric for style and emotions; and Piotr for great, gloomy atmospheres. All of them worked on Dishonored game series, so this is one of my favorite games for now.


3dt: What can we expect to see from you next?
AN: I will continue to create things I like. But now I'm trying to kill my inner perfectionist. It's hard to do, but absolutely necessary. It bothers me sometimes, so now I'm trying to learn new approaches in modeling that can give me more speed in work. I also like idea of create works for realtime rendering, so I will work on some projects like this next. Of course, I will try to develop my style and hard surface modeling skills further.


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