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Sketching from the Imagination: Marco Wulfr

By Marco Wulfr

Web: http://marcowulfr.tumblr.com/ (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 17th April 2018

Illustrator and concept artist Marco Wulfr is a prolific sketcher, and shares some of his work traditional and digital sketches, as well as help and advice...



My name's Marco and I'm mainly a digital illustrator, but the only place where I find the purest of joys in art is when I'm sketching. I sketch because, for me, it is the only place where I can find complete creative freedom, not needing to worry about cleaning my drawings or worrying about pleasing others. When I sketch, my only worries are, if I will be able to transpose the images that come to my mind, to paper.


With that in mind, sometimes it's not only about creating things, sometimes I sketch to learn the tools to create art, the fundamentals. Drawing what I see; people, actions, portraits, gesture drawing, clothes, animals, and perspectives, sketching is the only place where I can fail without any kind of pressure, where I can mess up all my drawings without feeling bad about it.

Sketching allows me to get back to that feeling when I started drawing as a child; that joy of having fun by myself with only a pencil and a paper, and that's the only thing that can help me take a break from work, without losing the passion.

If I could give one piece of advice to myself, in the past, it's that I should have sketched more, anywhere, every time. Because sketching can be compared to doing push-ups in muscle training, the more you do it, the easier it becomes when tasted with something big, such as an illustration. I strongly believe sketching is one of the most important practices that any artist can have.


Inspiration & ideas

Inspiration, for me, comes from everywhere; real life, reading, movies, taking walks in the countryside. It's incredible how much material there is out there for an artist to make something out of it, but I really believe that real life and reading are the two most important ones.

I mainly love to observe people in the cafes and imagining characters and personalities, as well as reading which is a crucial source of inspiration for me as well, because it feels so real. The images that come to my mind while reading are incredible.



I do confess that I am very fond of traditional mediums, but the convenience of the digital medium appeals very much to me as well. Whatever allows me to create my images is fine for me, but I've got a strong affection for the pencil and the paper, since that's the way I used to do it many years ago, and I think it's still the best medium, from all the ones I've tried, to express my personality through art.


Sketching techniques

With regards to sketching techniques, I do love using the pencil, for I can do very fine lines, as well as very thick strokes, and smudge them with my fingers – I think it's the most versatile of them all. Although I love working with very thin lines as well, for that, I use the mechanical pencil 0.5; those two are my very best travelling and home companions, for me there's no better way to get a sketch done. Digitally, I love to use brushes that emulate the techniques in the traditional medium, using rough shadings and smooth linework, that's my thing.

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