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Top 10 inspiring interviews from January to March 2018

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 13th April 2018

From established freelancers to aspiring artists and studio professionals, learn more about best practices and top advice in the most popular peer interviews from the last 3 months...

Artists never stop asking themselves how they can improve, or looking at how other artists deal with their work, or where their inspiration comes from. Check out these popular interviews full of pearls of wisdom and insight into other artist's worlds...

JC Park: senior concept artist interview

Take a look at JC Park's amazing concept art, and read about his work ethic, workflow, and inspirations...

Dmitry Udovenko: freelance 3D artist interview

Dmitry Udovenko strives for realism in his artwork, utilizing a multitude of software to achieve this, and is currently working on a series of fighting dinosaurs...

Greg Danton: concept artist interview

Canadian concept artist Greg Danton has focused on environments in the past, but is trying to broaden his art. He also likes to focus on composition and cinematography. Read more...

Vladimir Manyukhin: concept artist interview

Russian concept artist Vladimir Manyukhin works for IT Company in Moscow, and strives to improve with every piece of artwork he does...

Jonas Ronnegard: environment artist interview

Jonas Ronnegard is an environment artist who moved to Japan from Sweden who worked for big-name companies before going freelance to build tools and resources for others...

Halcescu Alex: character artist interview

3D character artist Halcescu Alex created the popular white walker gallery entry – check out his working methods and inspirations...

Julian Calle: concept artist interview

Learn more about Julian Calle's passion for art and the work he has done as a concept artist for Image Engine, Vancouver...

Artem Lazarev: 3D arch-viz artist interview

3D arch-viz artist and mentor at ArchiCGI in Kiev, Artem Lazarev, shares the workflow behind is warm interiors, and offers tips on keeping motivated...

Bondok Max: freelance 3D artist interview

Egyptian freelance 3D artist Bondok Max focuses on look dev, lighting and environment/asset modeling, while always striving to improve. Read more...

George Redreev: concept artist & director interview

Russian concept artist, writer, and director George Redreev shares some of his character creations and talks about creating whole worlds...

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