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September 2017 gallery winner!

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 9th October 2017

September's gallery had everything: detailed landscapes, cute cartoons, realistic portraits, and more! The winner was Gustavo Medeiros with his sketch render of Roman Bondarenko's "Turban Mummy”...


Every month, the public is given the opportunity to vote to decide who from the 3dtotal galleries will be the top artist to win the fantastic ZBrush resin alien model created by the great Caio Cesar (as pictured above). Which category will the winner be in? Character, Cartoon, Scenes, Sci-fi or Fantasy? You decide!

Here is the winner and the top 10 images from September 2017. Well done to the winners and all the artists featured in the gallery last month – plus big thanks to all the voters for taking part, too! You're all awesome.

Overall winner

Gustavo Medeiros' "Turban Mummy” won for September with 2,039 points. It was created in Gustavo's spare time from a concept by Roman Bondarenko.

The Turban Mummy
By Gustavo Medeiros

The best of the rest

By Christopher Supardjo

By Wojtek Kapusta

OWN. 64m²
By Michael Fedichkin

I Haz Bunnies
By Thiago Peyon

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