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e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann + free wallpaper

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 9th October 2013

3dt: Can you talk a bit about your 'Binaural' art series and its importance to this book?

LZ: The 'Binaural' series will come together for the first time in print in the e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann book. This is a series that I really enjoy working on. It all started from an image that I created years ago, followed by another one that came to life during a succession of nights of insomnia. I realized that it was a subject that I wanted to develop. Those girls. Explorers, wandering in strange dimensions – kind of lost, in a way, yet okay with their situation. I also like the non-functional aspect of the helmets – they're pretty much the opposite of my usual design approach!

"Backers will be able to pledge for the book as well as a variety of goodies, including a photography journal, a resin statue, signed giclées, and even limited silkscreens and one-off mixed media artworks"


The Binaural series is an enticing collection of illustrations featuring attractive women wearing lavish helmets

3dt: Tell us about some of the awesome rewards and the Kickstarter project in general?

LZ: There's gonna be a lot to choose from! The rewards are essentially an extension of the book. When I work, I always think about prints, whether they are giclées, silkscreens, or... 3D in this case! So backers will be able to pledge for the book as well as a variety of goodies, including a photography journal, a resin statue, signed giclées, and even limited silkscreens and one-off mixed media artworks! There really is something for everyone. Backers that choose to pledge for options including the book will also get their name printed inside it!


Rewards include a photo journal, a resin statue – and even limited silkscreens!

3dt: How excited are you about signing the various rewards for backers?

LZ: It's a strange and fantastic feeling. A way to say thanks to each backer that decides to follow me in this journey. I'm very grateful.


For Kickstarter backers only, each book will feature a signed and numbered certificate

3dt: Which is your favourite pledge option, and why?

LZ: The mixed media artworks have my preference I guess, due to past experiences when I was working for art shows. I'm in a very unique space when I work on those – almost meditative.

The computer is my weapon of choice but I like when I can bring analogue elements into the mix. In this case: a digital work, printed in silkscreen, becomes the base for a whole new image done with collage, oils, acrylics, cat fur, photos, granola...

There's something unique about the process. It's hard to describe but I'm looking forward to getting started on those.

The 3D resin statue is also very exciting – even though I've always wanted to produce one, I've never done it. So this is a whole new world opening up for me!


Here are some of Loïc's previous mixed media artworks that have been exhibited and sold in galleries around the world

3dt: If the project hits its goal, what will it mean to you to have your own art book?

LZ: It means that all the hard work, the dedication, the late nights and early mornings put into something personal and fulfilling, reaches more than just a few people and appeals to a wider audience. I'm hoping that this will be the case as it will motivate me to push even further on all the things I've been doing so far.

3dt: What else are you working on right now, besides the book?

LZ: Besides my full-time job at Luma Pictures, I'm also shooting a documentary on a painter that I met in Los Angeles and whose work is an inspiration to me. This is a long-term project with 6 months of shooting and a few more months of editing after that. We plan on releasing it in July during an art opening and at the Comic-Con right after.

I also have a few other video projects on the go, including a music video. And more illustrations and mixed media, of course!


Want a free desktop wallpaper featuring artwork from e338? Click the image below to share the project on your Facebook or Twitter page and get your hands on this brilliant wallpaper!

Tweet and get free wallpapers by Loic Zimmermann

Stay up to date with e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann:

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e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann + free wallpaper

We interview Loïc 'e338' Zimmermann about his Kickstarter project with 3dtotal, which brings together an epic collection of art with exclusive rewards for back...

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