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Bruno Melo
"Digital Art Master's volume: 6 is an amazing publication! It has an excellent selection of CG artists work, and very well detailed and in-depth breakdowns. This book is the best way to get inspired and to learn different pipelines and tips from some of top artists around the world."

Kekai Kotaki
"If you're interested in learning the ins and outs of digital illustration, this book offers everything from quick tips to advanced techniques that only master artist can provide. It's also a beautiful art gallery you can put in your backpack."

Marek OkoĊ„
"Digital Arts Masters 6 once again amazes me with an incredible amount of top quality content. It's an absolute gem amongst other art books showcasing not only mesmerizing images but also the workflow and artists behind them. This is an absolute must for any digital art enthusiast!"

Patrick Beaulieu
"Digital Art Masters Volume: 6 is an excellent book! This book is both technical and artistic at the same time and demonstrates different types of approach and workflow. There are a lot of amazing artist with incredible talent in this book and I really enjoyed reading their articles, I'm totally inspired!"