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Alien: Isolation - Launch Trailer

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Date Added: 21st October 2014
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Alien: Isolation - Launch Trailer

The launch trailer is out for Alien: Isolation, as Amanda Ripley beings the search for her mother.

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Alien: Covenant - Meet Walter

Meet Walter in this viral marketing ad for Alien: Covenant.

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Alien: Covenant - Trailer

Here is the new trailer for Alien: Covenant.

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Alien Teaser Trailer - Prometheus Style

This fan-made trailer for 1979's Alien film proves that some movies truly stand the test of time.

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Munkybutt's Avatar
Littleclaude (Forums) on Thu, 23 October 2014 9:27pm
At last a game based on a film that looks out of this world. This is the first game I have looked at and thought now that looks next gen!If there is anyone wanting their film turned into a game then this is the studio you should go to! the talent at that studio is amazing, well done.:dance:
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