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Date Added: 1st June 2013

Get 80s nostalgia with Load, a photorealistic CG animated short created by Brian Sørensen.

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Munkybutt's Avatar
Psycho Mantis (Forums) on Tue, 04 June 2013 8:56pm
I just give it a million interwebz for the music. great electronics
Brian on Mon, 03 June 2013 9:06pm
Thanks for the comments guys. @RobSanta I agree with you there are several technical mishaps, and various aspects that could have been better executed, but unfortunately I was running short on time, so I had to cut corners. :)
Munkybutt's Avatar
RobSanta (Forums) on Mon, 03 June 2013 8:30pm
I'm kinda torn on this one. On the one hand, the visuals are excellent. Great modeling. Great rendering. ETC and so forth. On the other hand, I'd be very hard pressed to call it a short. It's really much more of a reel. It's a good looking one to be sure. A short? I'm not so certain. Still good looking for what it is, I suppose.Just to pick a few nits....1. The C64 is clearly on, but the power light is off. I've had a few C64s over the years, one lasting for over a decade. That just stood out to me as odd.2. That dust overlay on the camera is a little distracting. I know that it's supposed to add some realism, but I think that any real photographer would make sure that he had a clean lens.3. Early on, there's a clearly polygonal reflection in the C64's CRT. It took me out of the moment briefly.4. The coffee ring on the notebook paper is nice, but I actually expected a little warping on the paper where the ring was formed from the moisture. 5. I've used a lot of oscilloscopes in my time and that is just the cleanest one with the clearest image. ^_^ Oscilloscopes tend to see quite a bit of use in certain environments. I'd have expected a bit more wear. Given the era presumed here, I'd also have half expected a more appropriately green on black display. Maybe I'm just not familiar with that model though.Like I said... nits. =)Good work overall though. I wish that it had a much clearer narrative, but what's here is still excellently executed.
Ron on Mon, 03 June 2013 7:41pm
Team Fortress + Tron + Terminator2' feel = LOAD
Antonio Capeto on Sun, 02 June 2013 4:19pm
Congratulations!!! Very nice job!!
Carlos on Sat, 01 June 2013 7:05pm
better then real
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