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Renato Polimeno - Rigging for Cellular e Direcao

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Date Added: 21st September 2012
renato polimeno  
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Munkybutt's Avatar
Jeb (Forums) on Thu, 27 September 2012 8:07pm
Total Master.
Jamstudio.vn on Thu, 27 September 2012 7:00am
nice rig...
Rodrigo Ortega on Mon, 24 September 2012 11:00pm
Fantastic work! Congratulations my friend!
Ahmed Shalaby on Sun, 23 September 2012 1:22am
nice work , i wish that my work would get the exposure here !
Tiago Medeiros on Sat, 22 September 2012 6:41pm
Congrats Dude!!!
Tom Stracke on Fri, 21 September 2012 6:06pm
Contraz renato ;)
Munkybutt's Avatar
Needse (Forums) on Fri, 21 September 2012 5:14pm
wouldn't say it was breaking news lol but nice rig all the same :)
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