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Star Wars Detours - Trailer

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Date Added: 28th August 2012
star wars detours  
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Kenpachi on Thu, 30 August 2012 8:01pm
I have but one question... Why?
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RobSanta (Forums) on Thu, 30 August 2012 5:20pm
[QUOTE=Not-Registered;925158]Mhm, anyone else recognize the voices? Robot chicken yeall![/quote]Yeah. I recognized Seth McFarlane, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, & Billy Dee Williams for sure. I've got a hunch about a few of the other voices, but I'm not sure yet.[quote](And i guess this is a toned down version)[/QUOTE]I don't know if toned down is the term I'd use. It's a bit more mainstream is what it is, which is fine given the subject.[QUOTE=Not-Registered;925154]Dear Mr. Lucas,you already killed Star Wars by making awful prequels. We all have bills to pay, but please, stop screwing the dead body of your creature.Sincerely a SW fan[/QUOTE]I know that people (like you) are complaining about this, but I just don't see why? Because it's got Lucas' name attached? Guys, had this NOT been Lucas approved, you'd at least get a chuckle or two out of it. It's not "laugh til you puke" funny, but there's certainly some funny stuff going on here. Attacking Lucas is getting old.Star Wars is not sacred. It just isn't. Star Wars also doesn't belong "to the people" either. We may have fond memories of the original trilogy, to varying degrees, but it's still not ours. If FOX and Lucas want to beat the horse until it's dead and then KEEP beating it... More power to them. It's capitalism. Let them make their money. Lucas can keep revising the trilogy all he wants. Don't like it? Too bad. Would you want somebody telling you what to do with your IP? No. Besides, it's just a movie. *gasp* Ooohhh.... Somebody said it. STAR WARS IS JUST A MOVIE. ;P Nobody's violating your childhood. Nobody's stealing your cherished memorabilia. The fact is, Lucas can add in a 2ft talking salami sandwich into the originals and he still can't take away your memories of the original "untainted" theatrical releases.Also, not to poke you guys too much, but the original trilogy wasn't "all that" either. It was definitely a LOT of fun and VERY seminal to modern sci-fi, but it really [u]was[/u] derivative and not always well written. Lucas pulled from various sources, some quite obviously, and didn't always think about story as much as he did about merchandising. Take Star Wars for what it was, harmless fun. Don't turn it into a religion. There are no Jedi. There is no "force". Dressing up in your bathrobe and swinging around glow sticks at Comic Con won't help you "score". It's just a movie. Breath.Star Wars Detours looks fun. I'm not saying that it looks like a masterpiece, but it looks worthy of a giggle or two. The Robot Chicken crew has done great stuff with the material before, as has McFarlane. I trust that, whatever direction this takes, it'll all be the same sort of harmless fun.Personally, I'm really digging what they're doing with Ben, Leia, Vader, & Palpatine. Pretty sure that the latter two are going to steal the show.In terms of the style.... I like it. It straddles that line between cute and irreverent. Really well suited for the comedy gold mine that is the SW universe.
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Ender_xx (Forums) on Thu, 30 August 2012 4:33pm
Wow, this was surprisingly not funny at all. Very disappointing.
Kageboshi on Wed, 29 August 2012 11:06am
Mhm, anyone else recognize the voices? Robot chicken yeall! (And i guess this is a toned down version)
G3z on Wed, 29 August 2012 12:59am
Dear Mr. Lucas, you already killed Star Wars by making awful prequels. We all have bills to pay, but please, stop screwing the dead body of your creature. Sincerely a SW fan
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