Trophy votes in Sep 2016 for Character category

Here you can see all the Character gallery images in the running for this particular month. Remember: votes are counted for the first seven days that an image is in the gallery so that every artist has a fair chance, which means some of the images pictured below will have 'expired' from the voting stage. The winner will be announced and contacted around 1 week after the end of each month. Please note that in the event of tied votes, the editor's decision will be final.

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deadpool by Guillermo Empinado

Score: 1251
Author: Guillermo Empinado
Published: 2016-09-23
Cat: character

Re-imagined Ellie by Ray Thuc Le

Score: 957
Re-imagined Ellie
Author: Ray Thuc Le
Published: 2016-09-16
Cat: character

Female Portrait by Daniel Bloecher

Score: 330
Female Portrait
Author: Daniel Bloecher
Published: 2016-09-05
Cat: character

Harley Quinn / Margot Robbie by Dan Roarty

Score: 317
Harley Quinn / Margot Robbie
Author: Dan Roarty
Published: 2016-09-07
Cat: character

Portrait of Neill Blomkamp by Ian Spriggs

Score: 272
Portrait of Neill Blomkamp
Author: Ian Spriggs
Published: 2016-09-29
Cat: character

Superman Decline 2 by Dan Roarty

Score: 249
Superman Decline 2
Author: Dan Roarty
Published: 2016-09-14
Cat: character

Tim Curry as Pennywise by Joseph Pegurier

Score: 222
Tim Curry as Pennywise
Author: Joseph Pegurier
Published: 2016-09-27
Cat: character

Assassin's creed fan art by Alexandra Magocsi

Score: 205
Assassin's creed fan art
Author: Alexandra Magocsi
Published: 2016-09-03
Cat: character

Gandhi by Marlon R. Nunez

Score: 202
Author: Marlon R. Nunez
Published: 2016-09-20
Cat: character

Gangster by Nilberto Tawata

Score: 149
Author: Nilberto Tawata
Published: 2016-09-08
Cat: character

commission work - Trump by Hossein Diba

Score: 142
commission work - Trump
Author: Hossein Diba
Published: 2016-09-13
Cat: character

Rojo by Alex

Score: 113
Author: Alex
Published: 2016-09-25
Cat: character

Michael Phelps by Jakub Chechelski

Score: 112
Michael Phelps
Author: Jakub Chechelski
Published: 2016-09-11
Cat: character

Kamen Rider Banana by Gregory Coelho

Score: 89
Kamen Rider Banana
Author: Gregory Coelho
Published: 2016-09-01
Cat: character

The Punisher by Rino Zvizdic

Score: 70
The Punisher
Author: Rino Zvizdic
Published: 2016-09-09
Cat: character