Trophy votes in May 2015 for Character category

Here you can see all the Character gallery images in the running for this particular month. Remember: votes are counted for the first seven days that an image is in the gallery so that every artist has a fair chance, which means some of the images pictured below will have 'expired' from the voting stage. The winner will be announced and contacted around 1 week after the end of each month. Please note that in the event of tied votes, the editor's decision will be final.

You are viewing the past gallery voting archives. The monthly competition is now disabled as we prepare to transfer information over to the new site.

Click the images below to check them out, vote, and see how they fare against the rest!

Star Explorer by Marco Nogueira

Score: 2621
Star Explorer
Author: Marco Nogueira
Published: 2015-05-26
Cat: character

Self-Portrait by Leyreloup Jacques

Score: 2433
Author: Leyreloup Jacques
Published: 2015-05-30
Cat: character

SWAG by Juliano Araujo

Score: 861
Author: Juliano Araujo
Published: 2015-05-02
Cat: character

The Sheep Master by Mohamed Aly Rabie

Score: 523
The Sheep Master
Author: Mohamed Aly Rabie
Published: 2015-05-21
Cat: character

Nike by Sengjoon Song

Score: 384
Author: Sengjoon Song
Published: 2015-05-27
Cat: character

Vin sculpt by Sandeep.V.S

Score: 358
Vin sculpt
Author: Sandeep.V.S
Published: 2015-05-29
Cat: character

Allister Sassafeas by Akbar Erabiyan

Score: 293
Allister Sassafeas
Author: Akbar Erabiyan
Published: 2015-05-24
Cat: character

AquaHulk by Dmitriy

Score: 285
Author: Dmitriy
Published: 2015-05-19
Cat: character

Clanner by Ghasem Mollahasani

Score: 265
Author: Ghasem Mollahasani
Published: 2015-05-14
Cat: character

Galahad Renegade by Adam Skutt

Score: 258
Galahad Renegade
Author: Adam Skutt
Published: 2015-05-05
Cat: character

My Hulk[Cray] by Auttasit Mungpasert

Score: 242
My Hulk[Cray]
Author: Auttasit Mungpasert
Published: 2015-05-22
Cat: character

Gul'dan World of Warcraft - Fan Art by Luis F. Ramos

Score: 202
Gul'dan World of Warcraft - Fan Art
Author: Luis F. Ramos
Published: 2015-05-28
Cat: character

Pepper - American Horror Story Fan Art by Rodolfo Fanti

Score: 158
Pepper - American Horror Story Fan Art
Author: Rodolfo Fanti
Published: 2015-05-22
Cat: character

3D Cinematic Character. by Felipe Bassi

Score: 156
3D Cinematic Character.
Author: Felipe Bassi
Published: 2015-05-17
Cat: character

Lakshmi by Adam Skutt

Score: 133
Author: Adam Skutt
Published: 2015-05-09
Cat: character

Nahris by mateo ray

Score: 116
Author: mateo ray
Published: 2015-05-19
Cat: character

Kitana and Mileena by Solomon Gaitan

Score: 108
Kitana and Mileena
Author: Solomon Gaitan
Published: 2015-05-03
Cat: character

Quan Chi by Solomon Gaitan

Score: 94
Quan Chi
Author: Solomon Gaitan
Published: 2015-05-05
Cat: character

Platypus by Lukasz Brzozowski

Score: 86
Author: Lukasz Brzozowski
Published: 2015-05-08
Cat: character