Trophy votes in May 2014 for Scenes category

Here you can see all the Scenes gallery images in the running for this particular month. Remember: votes are counted for the first seven days that an image is in the gallery so that every artist has a fair chance, which means some of the images pictured below will have 'expired' from the voting stage. The winner will be announced and contacted around 1 week after the end of each month. Please note that in the event of tied votes, the editor's decision will be final.

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Commie Still Life by Andrei Lacatusu

Score: 1990
Commie Still Life
Author: Andrei Lacatusu
Published: 2014-05-15
Cat: scenes

bed room by abbas hemmati

Score: 1757
bed room
Author: abbas hemmati
Published: 2014-05-10
Cat: scenes

Light Bulb by twanawali

Score: 1122
Light Bulb
Author: twanawali
Published: 2014-05-03
Cat: scenes

The caravan by bernoussi najib

Score: 590
The caravan
Author: bernoussi najib
Published: 2014-05-04
Cat: scenes

Yellow Production by Rafael Celestino da Costa

Score: 377
Yellow Production
Author: Rafael Celestino da Costa
Published: 2014-05-28
Cat: scenes

Door Step by Ahmad Turki

Score: 301
Door Step
Author: Ahmad Turki
Published: 2014-05-05
Cat: scenes

Cathedrale of Coutances by Johannes Englert

Score: 301
Cathedrale of Coutances
Author: Johannes Englert
Published: 2014-05-28
Cat: scenes

Fishing Village by Ahmad Turki

Score: 300
Fishing Village
Author: Ahmad Turki
Published: 2014-05-08
Cat: scenes

Fan boy interior by Reinier Reynhout

Score: 264
Fan boy interior
Author: Reinier Reynhout
Published: 2014-05-22
Cat: scenes

BMW R100 Cafe Racer by QUILLET Adrien

Score: 237
BMW R100 Cafe Racer
Author: QUILLET Adrien
Published: 2014-05-08
Cat: scenes

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey,The tribute. by Baolong Zhang

Score: 226
The Execution of Lady Jane Grey,The tribute.
Author: Baolong Zhang
Published: 2014-05-25
Cat: scenes

Boy Meets Bug - Centipede by James Gardner

Score: 216
Boy Meets Bug - Centipede
Author: James Gardner
Published: 2014-05-13
Cat: scenes

\ by Nox-3D

Score: 190
Author: Nox-3D
Published: 2014-05-05
Cat: scenes

sky bridge by Chen Qingfeng

Score: 133
sky bridge
Author: Chen Qingfeng
Published: 2014-05-27
Cat: scenes