Trophy votes in Apr 2014 for Character category

Here you can see all the Character gallery images in the running for this particular month. Remember: votes are counted for the first seven days that an image is in the gallery so that every artist has a fair chance, which means some of the images pictured below will have 'expired' from the voting stage. The winner will be announced and contacted around 1 week after the end of each month. Please note that in the event of tied votes, the editor's decision will be final.

Click the images below to check them out, vote, and see how they fare against the rest!

Poli La Iguana by Farid Dridi

Score: 841
Poli La Iguana
Author: Farid Dridi
Published: 2014-04-20
Cat: character

Snow White by Rodrigo Lira

Score: 454
Snow White
Author: Rodrigo Lira
Published: 2014-04-07
Cat: character

bhb by Chris Gillett

Score: 331
Author: Chris Gillett
Published: 2014-04-30
Cat: character

Comic-con challenge character - Whiplash by frederic daoust

Score: 313
Comic-con challenge character - Whiplash
Author: frederic daoust
Published: 2014-04-11
Cat: character

Kroenen by Sergey Romanenko

Score: 310
Author: Sergey Romanenko
Published: 2014-04-29
Cat: character

A woman's portrait by Minjeong Shin

Score: 235
A woman's portrait
Author: Minjeong Shin
Published: 2014-04-03
Cat: character

Tolkien style Orc by Adam Sacco

Score: 234
Tolkien style Orc
Author: Adam Sacco
Published: 2014-04-05
Cat: character

Tyrion lannister Fan Art by HYUN SUK JIN

Score: 234
Tyrion lannister Fan Art
Published: 2014-04-16
Cat: character

Gnome With Grasshopper by Christopher

Score: 219
Gnome With Grasshopper
Author: Christopher
Published: 2014-04-17
Cat: character

Guyver by Slava Gedich

Score: 207
Author: Slava Gedich
Published: 2014-04-12
Cat: character

Slash by Sven Juhlin

Score: 200
Author: Sven Juhlin
Published: 2014-04-06
Cat: character

Lord of the Wild by Alexandria J Condon

Score: 186
Lord of the Wild
Author: Alexandria J Condon
Published: 2014-04-14
Cat: character

digital clay sketches by Alexey Andreev

Score: 171
digital clay sketches
Author: Alexey Andreev
Published: 2014-04-25
Cat: character

Drakengard3. by WonGun,Lee

Score: 158
Author: WonGun,Lee
Published: 2014-04-02
Cat: character

digital clay sketches by Alexey Andreev

Score: 149
digital clay sketches
Author: Alexey Andreev
Published: 2014-04-30
Cat: character

Kenneth Masters by Mauricio Salgueiro

Score: 146
Kenneth Masters
Author: Mauricio Salgueiro
Published: 2014-04-26
Cat: character

Officer by Leo Takeshi Sakamoto

Score: 138
Author: Leo Takeshi Sakamoto
Published: 2014-04-26
Cat: character

Minotaur by funkyboy

Score: 132
Author: funkyboy
Published: 2014-04-03
Cat: character

Cerberus by Aamir

Score: 123
Author: Aamir
Published: 2014-04-13
Cat: character

Nestorious by Henning Sanden

Score: 111
Author: Henning Sanden
Published: 2014-04-24
Cat: character

300 Rise of an Empire - Ephialtes the Hunchback by Luca Nemolato

Score: 76
300 Rise of an Empire - Ephialtes the Hunchback
Author: Luca Nemolato
Published: 2014-04-04
Cat: character

Creature by Berto Souza

Score: 66
Author: Berto Souza
Published: 2014-04-01
Cat: character