Trophy votes in Apr 2014 for Cartoon category

Here you can see all the Cartoon gallery images in the running for this particular month. Remember: votes are counted for the first seven days that an image is in the gallery so that every artist has a fair chance, which means some of the images pictured below will have 'expired' from the voting stage. The winner will be announced and contacted around 1 week after the end of each month. Please note that in the event of tied votes, the editor's decision will be final.

Click the images below to check them out, vote, and see how they fare against the rest!

THE KEEPER by Ongie Ongushi

Score: 3064
Author: Ongie Ongushi
Published: 2014-04-08
Cat: cartoon

Alice in Wonderland by Yuo Tengara

Score: 544
Alice in Wonderland
Author: Yuo Tengara
Published: 2014-04-01
Cat: cartoon

Begging Attention by Ismael Ramos

Score: 328
Begging Attention
Author: Ismael Ramos
Published: 2014-04-11
Cat: cartoon

Epilogue by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Score: 320
Author: Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Published: 2014-04-28
Cat: cartoon

Superman RT by Livio Rajh

Score: 263
Superman RT
Author: Livio Rajh
Published: 2014-04-18
Cat: cartoon

Viking by Luigi Monaldi

Score: 240
Author: Luigi Monaldi
Published: 2014-04-27
Cat: cartoon

Hellboy vs Zombie by Alexandria J Condon

Score: 215
Hellboy vs Zombie
Author: Alexandria J Condon
Published: 2014-04-14
Cat: cartoon

Fat Sheriff by Emerson Augusto da Silva

Score: 159
Fat Sheriff
Author: Emerson Augusto da Silva
Published: 2014-04-13
Cat: cartoon

Future Dedective by john rudnicki

Score: 97
Future Dedective
Author: john rudnicki
Published: 2014-04-08
Cat: cartoon

Baby-rock 2.0 by Alessio Rossi

Score: 93
Baby-rock 2.0
Author: Alessio Rossi
Published: 2014-04-28
Cat: cartoon