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Date Added: 15th August 2012
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Hello, every one .This is my budding works—— China of the 80's, full of youthful spirit. On a sunny morning, after breakfast, father helps the child in pre-school preparation, the child has an unfortunate injury in the head, this experience can only bear to their own , myself feel, oneselfs feelings ……Father with great care will bound that wound up just as the children of a childlike innocence is retained

I hope you will like this picture.
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Readers Comments
Broflodge on Thu, 07 February 2013 5:40pm
Very well done! I'm really impressed with this!
This is cgi in optima forma.
Silverwing (Forums)
Silverwing (Forums) on Thu, 06 September 2012 12:05pm
Wow amazing scene.I really love all the detail and the great lighting. Must have been a tremendous amount of work! But it totally pays off! Phantastic!Cheers Silverwing
Luoxin on Wed, 05 September 2012 3:29pm
Thank you for your love
Shineoooo on Mon, 27 August 2012 10:55pm
I do not know what you want to say for the description of this work. But anyway, good rendering work! Congrats!
Ico on Sun, 26 August 2012 8:43am
looks like the father make some very complicated surgery on the boy .. i can't understand what he doing on the boy's head ?

overall the render is great !
Fabio on Sat, 25 August 2012 2:01am
Inspiring work! Congrats!
Timonza-kun (Forums)
Timonza-kun (Forums) on Fri, 24 August 2012 4:13pm
great deal of awesomeness in this render. can this be turned into a tutor?
Luoxin (Forums) on Mon, 20 August 2012 1:14am
Thank you like this work
Eydi (Forums)
Eydi (Forums) on Sun, 19 August 2012 9:37pm
wonderful work :)
Karna on Sun, 19 August 2012 6:43pm
amzing work ! but the boy looking like a cyborg (Forums) (Forums) on Thu, 16 August 2012 4:48pm
Great modeling. Nice setting and texture, but like others here, the back of the boys head looks like someone have ripped some brain out.
Inveni0 (Forums)
Inveni0 (Forums) on Thu, 16 August 2012 4:00pm
Wow. I really like the feel of this. It's classy, yet brutal. I almost wondered if the kid was some kind of cyborg or something. Pretty cool.My initial critique, however, would be that the father's knuckles are a little too square.
Nitin on Wed, 15 August 2012 11:16pm
Amazing work!
Zndomination on Wed, 15 August 2012 1:45pm
yeah... whats at the back?? it looks like a face or something:/
3dmaxter on Wed, 15 August 2012 8:43am
this is a great view. But when I look over the child's head the other side of his head looks like zombie head, isn't it? Looks like face of two-face in batman..

*I know about the desc. injury of him.
Luiz Fernando Repto on Wed, 15 August 2012 3:32am
Thats incredible the whole scene is so polished, Congrats
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