16-bit memories

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Date Added: 13th October 2010
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Childhood, Christmas time, friends, family, joy, happiness ... and, a new toy on my desk. Toy that will define my life, responsible for such a beautiful experiences from my childhood. Kids imaginary world, lost over time, a glimpse of it left in my head, a glimpse of priceless memory.
But, it wouldn't be such a great experience if it wasn't for my friends... do you guys remember how we spent hours playing games, competing and exploring these new digital frontiers?

I must admit I had Atari ST not Amiga ;), but my friend had Amiga and it had way better graphics and sound than my ST. So that's the reason why I decided to model Amiga for this illustration, out of respect. :)
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Readers Comments
Sean Kelly on Tue, 05 February 2013 5:59pm
Great piece and it provokes some fond memories of my childhood. The winter wonderland outside the window is also a great touch.
Mtaeo on Tue, 13 March 2012 3:22pm
Cannon Fodder? :)
McNeil on Wed, 21 December 2011 10:16am
Aaaaaaaaah, sweet memories... :D
Jagd on Thu, 14 April 2011 7:08pm
EEEy.... Nice pic! It`s smell of my childhood. Amiga and Cannon Fodder. Great taste, man!
Whitewidow on Sun, 24 October 2010 11:08pm
Fantastic work! This takes me back to my childhood and excites the memory banks to no end. 5 stars
Charlie Seiner on Wed, 20 October 2010 9:17am
Ahh... very nice:) The 80s :) And tha game on the monitor is CANON? :) i love this:)
Ronin_968 on Mon, 18 October 2010 6:16pm
Absolutely awesome! So many nice details(Moj Mikro :)...zakon! When i look at this it takes me back in times of my childhood and first gaming experience...long winter nights when me and my little bro stayed awake all night just to play one more game at new Commodore 64.Thank you for make me remember of this wonderful memories!This is instantly going on my desktop and there will be for a long time.
Mo on Mon, 18 October 2010 10:04am
i love this, it reminds me of my childhood
Shadowseve (Forums) on Thu, 14 October 2010 6:34pm
I LOVE this. Very well done. Brings back some memories of very good gaming.
Tfwoods3 (Forums) on Wed, 13 October 2010 8:44pm
That is an awesome pic, love the nostalgic feel. Love it.
Intercepto (Forums) on Wed, 13 October 2010 7:13pm
tjerkotten, Ferry P, Silok, and everyone Not-Registered.... thanks :)Yeah it's totally funny how two similar images were made in one month. But, although content is similar, everything else is different. Actually I finished first version of this image few years ago for Immortal 4 Amiga music remix ([url]http://www.amiga-immortal.com[/url]), but couple of months ago I decided to redo it completely and this is the result. Back to the Future was best movie of 80s, I bet 60% of people would decide to put that poster on the wall :)UFO is custom made from wood, toy, just something I was fascinated with :)I posted link to wireframe in this thread.
David on Wed, 13 October 2010 9:27am
What is that saucer shaped object in the lower left corner behind the basketball? It's driving me nuts!

Is there some kind of competition going on? This is the second "computer with back to the future poster" scenes in a very short time.
Pawel on Wed, 13 October 2010 8:31am
Amiga! My youth!
Amiga rulez! :)
Very fond memories. The 'underground resistance to PC domination' days. :)
These days, I'm a slave to PC, but to fight the tyranny of Microsoft, I'm holding on to Ubuntu :)
Gianni on Wed, 13 October 2010 2:27am
OMG! This is even better then the other great work in the gallery!

Now I really need to model my first Vic20...or maybe the Commodore64 with datassette and floppy drive.

Bu tI need a good idea like yours with all the soldiers of Cannon fodder in the room.
Eugenio GarcĂ­a Villarreal on Wed, 13 October 2010 1:48am
excellent image! i love every detail!
Daniel Karner on Wed, 13 October 2010 1:15am
Da**! Did you copy my "Back in 1991" picture? :)
Two retro computer pictures at the same time and both renderings contain a 'Back to the future" poster.Funny...

Love your rendering!
I like the mood and great shading and lighting!

Which software did you use? Can we see a wireframe?

Keep up the good work,
Silok (Forums)
Silok (Forums) on Wed, 06 October 2010 6:34am
Marvelous simply brillant..:)
Ferry P (Forums)
Ferry P (Forums) on Tue, 05 October 2010 7:26pm
Insane brilliance! Wire + clay NOW!!! haha
Tjerkotten (Forums)
Tjerkotten (Forums) on Tue, 05 October 2010 4:29pm
respect. very cool piece. lighting is superb
Intercepto (Forums) on Sun, 03 October 2010 8:18pm
I_AM_DAVE_COX ... hey thanks for that!hulahuga, Bubbaloo ... thanks
Bubbaloo (Forums)
Bubbaloo (Forums) on Sat, 02 October 2010 2:59am
Spectacular scene!
Hulahuga (Forums)
Hulahuga (Forums) on Fri, 01 October 2010 1:35pm
Tons of details here in a fantastic scene! Lightning worked well and I really like the feeling, well deserved plug! :D
I_AM_DAVE_COX (Forums)
I_AM_DAVE_COX (Forums) on Fri, 01 October 2010 9:24am
Dude I featured you at [url]www.makecg.com[/url]An inspiration website!
Intercepto (Forums) on Fri, 01 October 2010 8:00am
Lars3D, Shadowkath ... thanks guys!Here is wireframe if someone is interested: [url]http://interstation3d.com/cgtalk/post_wire.jpg[/url]
Shadowkath (Forums)
Shadowkath (Forums) on Thu, 30 September 2010 6:24pm
Really cool job, I love the commodore 64 put in there, and the 5 1/4 floppies.. I am loving the old days stuff put in here. Relics not yet forgotten... and the little army guys, really good job.
Lars3D (Forums)
Lars3D (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 6:06pm
This is just a fantastic piece of work. I don't think I have seen a scene that really draws a viewer in so much. There is just so much to look at. Lighting, modeling and textures are sublime.
Intercepto (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 5:06pm
DaddyDoom ... tnx man.I_AM_DAVE_COX ... I am, because it's made out of love. ;)rocneasta ... you are right, its exactly what I wrote on paper. ;) Hvala!ClassicGamer-3DT ... yes it's a little bit expensive, but it's worth it.
ClassicGamer-3DT (Forums)
ClassicGamer-3DT (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 12:26pm
I occasionally read Retrogamer Magazine too, cannot afford to subscribe but that have a wonderful art department as the magazine and it's front covers always looks superb :)CG.
Rocneasta-3DT (Forums)
Rocneasta-3DT (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 9:31am
the note says "ne igraj se poslije 12 sati" or i read it wrong. I think you couldn't abide by that rule ever if i read the note correctly :).p.s. budi uspomene na stare dane; nice render
I_AM_DAVE_COX (Forums)
I_AM_DAVE_COX (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 9:08am
This is my new favourite piece! Congratulations!I hope you are truly satisfied!
DaddyDoom (Forums)
DaddyDoom (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 7:34am
Awesome piece indeed. Love the vibrant colors.CG, how many squirts in the panties when you saw this?
Intercepto (Forums) on Wed, 29 September 2010 5:19am
Hey guys.Thanks so much for comments,lebaje ... I'll render wire soon, probably by the end of week since I'm really busyPsycho Mantis ... hehe, you were right. ;)Kage ... thanks.ClassicGamer-3DT ... I'm glad I made your day. I'll see if I will have some time to make making of, hopefully I will. Clay and wire render are coming soon. BTW I am real retromaniac, I'm reading about old games almost every day. Man I miss my childhood...bobi ... 1200 was also a great machine. By that time I had my PC already, but at the time of Amiga 500 none of the PC machines could catch up with graphics on amiga, it was way ahead of it's time. BTW do you know about Retrogamer magazine, it's great publication, made in UK... I'm subscribed to it for last 1 year and I think I will be subscribed as long as it's published. ;)McFly ... Thanks man.
McFly (Forums)
McFly (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 11:19pm
Excellent! Love the soldier jumping off the desk. Great stuff and well deserved plug.
Bobi (Forums)
Bobi (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 9:21pm
Man this is so awesome!!! Absolutely brilliant. I am a proud owner of Amiga 1200. But Amiga 500 was the legendary comp... that's for sure. I like that you put C64 in the corner, and all the awesome details in there. Lightning is great. Everything is great! I am really impressed. Congrats on the plug!Please... making off. [QUOTE=Intercepto;814527]do you guys remember how we spent hours playing games, competing and exploring these new digital frontiers?[/QUOTE]Recently, I've opened a thread about those old Awesome games: [url]http://forums.3dtotal.com/showthread.php?t=73765[/url]Feel free to bump it up, and share with us some of your experience. :)
ClassicGamer-3DT (Forums)
ClassicGamer-3DT (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 9:13pm
OMFG! You guys are right, this is absolutely stunning, the modelling, lighting and texturing is beautifully done, but more than that the memories it conjours of my own childhood. This is an absolute delight. This just looks amazing, you've even got my own all time favourite movie poster in there! I'm insanely jealous I didn't make this myself as it's stunning.Would love to see your wireframes, clays and a making of, you can honestly see the love that's gone into the production of this peice.Definately claim your golden eye award [URL="http://forums.3dtotal.com/awards.php"]here[/URL], you more than deserve it.And thank you, thank you for sharing.Kind RegardsCG.
Kage (Forums)
Kage (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 8:59pm
He certainly will. This piece is amazing.Love the detail of the soldiers as well
Psycho Mantis (Forums)
Psycho Mantis (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 7:24pm
when classic gamer sees this, he will give you 10 golden eyes.
Lebaje (Forums)
Lebaje (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 6:54pm
Ya...and if i'm looking at the time, i got a less 3 hours more of playing ;)nice render, can we look at the wire pls??
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