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Date Added: 4th October 2005
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http://www.muharraqi-studios.com (opens in new window)
This is an image that I've always wanted to develop, but only got the chance on my break.
It is my representation of the evil creature that we all know of half human half bull, or even half God... not sure though.... there are many Dark stories that go further then the stories we know, it is a creature that trolled around the strange legendary maze that it lives in, and I imagined it to be dark like a dungeon, It is said that the Evil one feeds on human flesh and maybe it even satisfied it's sexual desires with these young virgins that were sacrificed to it, It's always expecting new victims to feed it's pleasure, the face I imagined does not look to much like a bull, but have some influences of a carnivore that are flesh eaters, it always caries the big double headed axe everywhere it goes, the Axe is old but given to it buy the gods , the skin color is very dark and much like it's environment, almost camouflage, that helps it to blend within it's surroundings, this makes it a difficult predator to spot in The Dungeons. I have created the original model in LW then jumped on my first test in Z-brush, the final touches in the texturing in BP, I also used some of the nice 3dtotal texture CDs, it took about 15 to 20 days and two nights ago I felt it was done, please tell me what you think and if you have any comments. Thanks for your support
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Readers Comments
Ben on Fri, 13 January 2012 11:32am
The creature is very vicious, however it does not appear to dominate the scene, it appears to have fear at the same time hopefully its what u wanted to display, as u said it's camouflaged. Otherwise great work.
Brent on Sat, 12 February 2011 6:28am
Hey Man, nice work! Like the idea and the way its done. Just a Quick thing... Look at the muscle structure on the legs and the connection to the chest from the shoulder.... The definition on the upper leg and lower leg are just a bit out of proportion... the way the calf muscle goes into the knee... But good job. I like it!

This will sound strange, but try to build the same model with clay. Ive learned the best way to understand muscle is to create an actual model...
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