The Marauder

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Date Added: 6th July 2011
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A school project I just finished. The goal was the recreate the Marauder unit from Starcraft II in some high poly goodness. The entire model is done with basic sub-d modelling in 3Ds Max and did a quick material render in V-Ray. All scratches and decals are nearly purely photoshop. Final image is in 5000x5500 pixels.
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Readers Comments
State Of The Game on Thu, 03 November 2011 11:48am
Its a firebat! Not a marauder. God.
Mohammadyashar (Forums)
Mohammadyashar (Forums) on Tue, 30 August 2011 10:04am
Wow! Love the Lighting and Texture! Im agree with vrayguide, awkward + imbecile... haha!
Fynn (Forums)
Fynn (Forums) on Sat, 27 August 2011 6:42pm
could we see some wires?
Tuscnes on Fri, 26 August 2011 1:44pm
Awesome!!! Would u do a model if I give to 2d idea? Please!!!! I really wanna see how do they look in 3d!!! Check them in Tell me if u piked someone up!! Thanks!!
Milivoj on Mon, 22 August 2011 8:50am
Erik on Sun, 14 August 2011 12:26am
Jin Kazama on Tue, 09 August 2011 11:32am
Hi, Fantastic Render. Which school did you go to ? feel free to reply to my email id:
ALEX on Thu, 28 July 2011 10:46am
add bumps especially the scars...looks like a well polished metal with scars....notice raytraced side with scars?....
Mackin (Forums)
Mackin (Forums) on Mon, 18 July 2011 9:05pm
So awesome.
AlexM (Forums)
AlexM (Forums) on Mon, 18 July 2011 3:54pm
Nice render. Textures looks good.
Kush on Mon, 18 July 2011 5:37am
hey dude,awesome work man ,nice texture keep it up
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Thu, 14 July 2011 12:19am
The Marauder is exactly like that ! it is a Starcraft Character...."Baby, you really light my fuse..." (marauder)
VRayGuide (Forums)
VRayGuide (Forums) on Wed, 13 July 2011 8:43pm
Well I guess it could work...Can see any reason for hiding the head and the robot awkward look..Love the materials and modeling...but I cant agree on proportion..just my person opinion.Good Job Overall!
Kiov on Wed, 13 July 2011 2:11pm
Looks great! I felt the power of it!
Zpanzer (Forums)
Zpanzer (Forums) on Sat, 09 July 2011 6:13pm
Hi guys,Thank you so much for all the nice words! It's been so nice to see how well recieved my work has been! Makes everything so much better :haha:
Needse (Forums)
Needse (Forums) on Fri, 08 July 2011 3:42pm
yeah what vitrux saidand nice paint over
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Thu, 07 July 2011 5:51pm
"Kaboom, baby!" Awesome Marauder!
Pablo on Thu, 07 July 2011 3:24pm
Ejej cool
AdamHoej (Forums) on Thu, 07 July 2011 2:09pm
You have an error in your smoothing groups inside the pipes, near the pelvis.
Rod Beasley on Thu, 07 July 2011 10:27am
Amazing detail and a well presented render.
William on Thu, 07 July 2011 10:12am
@Pariah maybe he just had to clean is suit? For General Warfield?

I'm also a big fan of Starcraft II and this is an absolutely great work! very good job!
Ron on Thu, 07 July 2011 6:41am
Very Coool!!!!!! But he looks like a Firebat...not a Marauder
Pariah on Wed, 06 July 2011 2:57pm
Love this! I'm a massive fan of Starcraft II. The only thing that I would suggest is maybe dirty him up a bit. He's got the battle scars on his armor, but he looks too clean. Other than that, amazing job!
Ed on Wed, 06 July 2011 12:28pm
Hello guy,

Great rendering and modeling, congratulations on the job.
Jim on Wed, 06 July 2011 5:53am
This is downright sexy! Outstanding work!
Gfxengine on Wed, 06 July 2011 5:25am
Looks wonderful nice textures!!!
David on Wed, 06 July 2011 3:18am
Beautiful work!
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