Ganesha - God of Wisdom

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Date Added: 23rd September 2010
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I am Hemant Dangare.. this is my very first post on 3dTotal gallery. We all know that Ganesha is the god of wisdom and prosperity,and is invoked before the beginning of any good work. On the auspicious occasion of Ganesha chaturthi, i being a Ganesha devotee, am paying my obeisance to the lord through this work of mine.
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Ganesha the warrior


Keywords: ganesha, Zbrush, armor, sculpt, elephant

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Om Shri Ganesha

Ongushi Piyavachara Arunotai

Keywords: Ganesha

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Readers Comments
Simon on Sun, 02 December 2012 11:50am
Extremely beautiful and impressive.

Om Ganeshaya Namaha!

S love nia
Dibakar on Fri, 29 July 2011 8:27pm
Thats Sanskrit...
Anoop Madhavan on Sun, 10 July 2011 8:30am
its very nice modeling
Toovi Ikara on Wed, 26 January 2011 11:15am
Jai Ganesh..
Prabhuti Sutar on Mon, 06 December 2010 1:20pm
Nice work .
Madhupageboyz on Wed, 24 November 2010 12:37pm
Hi hemant Really great to see Ganesh(God of Wisdom) in 3D gallery.... you rock man.....Excellent,marvelous,Super,great,Nice,Good,Best,Beautiful......
Hemant.dangare (Forums)
Hemant.dangare (Forums) on Thu, 18 November 2010 3:31am
swapnil: Thnx Swapnil!subin : Thnx a lot Subin!! I used Maya, Zbrush n PS.Amol Choudhari: Thnx Amol!kiran: Thnk you Kiran! definiately I'll try :)Rannu : Thnk you Rannu!!Hariraman: Thank you very much Hariraman!! Sugandha: Thank you Sugandha!D. Dey : Thank you D. Dey!behemoth : Thnk you very much behemoth!!GOUTAM: thnk you GOUTAM!an1m3-lov3r: perfect answer:) Thnx!!VIJAYAN V : Thnx a lot Vijayan V. His blessing always with us.. All the best for ur future also :)rvs: Thnx rvs![B]I'm noticing an overwhelming response from my Indian fellow artist.. Thank u all for encouraging me so much :)[/B]
Rvs (Forums)
Rvs (Forums) on Tue, 16 November 2010 1:55pm
i love symbolic works.
VIJAYAN V on Tue, 16 November 2010 7:38am
Dear Hemant,
"Greetings". I am Vijayan from Coimbatore. I saw your Ganesha 3D work on 3D gallery. It is an excellent work, congratulations. You did a wonderful effort on it. For last six years I have been in animation and video editing field. I have some knowledge about Maya and 3Ds Max, but not a master. I have the same idea that I have to complete a 3D model of God Ganesha as my first 3D work. I am trying for it. I admired on your nice work, Once again congratulations. Best wishes for your great future.
An1m3-lov3r (Forums)
An1m3-lov3r (Forums) on Mon, 15 November 2010 10:29pm
I knew it. It's the India's elephant god name Ganesha.
GOUTAM on Sat, 13 November 2010 6:13am
Good Work ! keep it up....
Behemoth (Forums)
Behemoth (Forums) on Mon, 01 November 2010 10:51pm
Exceptional! :)
D. Dey on Sun, 31 October 2010 9:34am
Nice innovation buddy. Keep on going :-)
Sugandha on Thu, 28 October 2010 11:21am
hi Hemant i really like your work .....clean and perfect.....

All the best!!!!
Hariraman (Forums) on Wed, 27 October 2010 5:32pm
It was awesome .... buddy ... Happy to see Lord Ganesh in 3d .....Thanks for Providing us the awesome Visual of Lord Ganesh ....Keep Doing it ... Looking Forward to see more Buddy ....:wave:
Rannu on Wed, 27 October 2010 5:03pm
awesome work yaar really impresive one
Kiran on Fri, 22 October 2010 6:51am
Hi Hemant this is really fantastic peace of work wonderful job great to see some Indian work and i would like to see hanuman lord ram and many more from good luck
Amol Choudhari on Wed, 20 October 2010 8:10pm
Its awesome!!!
Subin on Mon, 18 October 2010 8:25am
Nice work there Very nice! Which softwares did you use? Really xelent finishing...
Swapnil on Mon, 11 October 2010 7:07am
very nice keep the good work
Hemant.dangare (Forums)
Hemant.dangare (Forums) on Sun, 10 October 2010 8:54am
Yashi Verma: Thank you so much Yashi!nupur mahadik: Thnx Nupur!shadowseve : Thnx!kABHIr : Thnx a lot!deepak malviya: Maya, ZBrush and PS.
Deepak Malviya on Tue, 05 October 2010 7:37pm
plz write the software name witch s w u used..
KABHIr on Mon, 04 October 2010 12:38pm
That was really nice one very well done with composure. Thanks for sharing your work
Shadowseve (Forums) on Fri, 01 October 2010 5:05pm
Nice work on this. That is one cool looking elephant.
Nupur Mahadik on Fri, 01 October 2010 10:07am
amazing work and details
gr8 going
Yashi Verma on Thu, 30 September 2010 6:57pm
simply great,,
thnx buddy,
may god bless U
Hemant.dangare (Forums)
Hemant.dangare (Forums) on Tue, 28 September 2010 6:29pm
Srinath : Thnx!Pearl Salhotra : Thank you so much!Shyam : Thank you Shyam!Amar : Thnx! I used Maya, Zbrush and PS. Ian_mery (Forums) : Thank you!Anurag Kapil : Thnx! I used Maya, Zbrush and PS. Viin : Thnx! gallery has some size limitation but I'll talk with admin and will post higher-version.Sreenivas : Thank you so much sreenivas!Hitendra : Sure but not this time may be next year ;) thnx!Antara Bakshi: Thank you so much Antara :)Suraj: hey suraj.... Thnx buddy.Rapheal9 : Thnx!Tushar: Thnx!Behram: Thnx!Alex: Thnx Alex for your kind words!Deepa B : Thnx Deepa!Suraj: Thnx!Stain: that is not Arabic caligraphy in the background, thats shlokas(verses) in Sanskrit. Thnx! Ramesh : Thank you so much Ramesh!Saurabh Pande: Thank you Saurabh!Aditya : Thnx! he hee....Sanchari Bakshi: Thank you so much keku :)Nany : Thnx Nany for your kind words!Anoop Mohan : I'll definitely keep you guys updated!!Again Thank you everyone for such a overwhelming response! :)
Anoop Mohan on Tue, 28 September 2010 5:18am
cool work man. All the best. Bring in such excellent worx. Waiting for your next updates!!
Nany on Tue, 28 September 2010 4:40am
Congratulation! Best Work on 3d total Gallery.
Sanchari Bakshi on Mon, 27 September 2010 2:07pm
Hemant I have witnessed your hard work and the various stages of developing the model. The amount of effort and dogged determination that you have put in every minute while creating your divine lord has finally come to light. We are truly very proud of you and in every following endeavor that you take up, our blessings will always give you the strength to perform even better. The sky is your limit Hemant...
Viin on Mon, 27 September 2010 10:21am
its sanskrit.
Aditya on Mon, 27 September 2010 7:14am
Really beautiful. U have carved this idol just like how a sculptor does, the only difference is u did it on computer....:).....I would like you to rig this model and animate it. I wish i could do that.
Saurabh Pande on Mon, 27 September 2010 7:10am
Very well done, good to see Ganesh ji in 3d !
@Stain: No, thats shlokas(verses) in Sanskrit written at the back.
Ramesh on Mon, 27 September 2010 5:13am
Excellent work of the best work done by an INDIAN.
Stain on Sun, 26 September 2010 5:18pm
is that Arabic caligraphy in the background?
Suraj on Sun, 26 September 2010 11:05am
good work friend .
love God ganesha
Deepa B on Sat, 25 September 2010 3:34pm
This is really great job,good to see lord Ganesh in 3dtotal gallery.Model is excellent by representing lord Krishna n Vishnu as well, keep it up..
Alex on Sat, 25 September 2010 7:56am
Excellent piece of ART! CONGRATULATION!
One of the BEST CG ART.
Behram on Sat, 25 September 2010 7:40am
Good work Hemant.
jai vakratunda b
Tushar on Sat, 25 September 2010 6:07am
awesome work.............!!!!!
Rapheal9 on Fri, 24 September 2010 9:04am
simply superb,
Suraj on Fri, 24 September 2010 8:25am
very nice :) perfect
Antara Bakshi on Fri, 24 September 2010 8:13am
Amazing piece of art...never have i seen such a great model of ganesha..absolutely divine...
My best wishes for all your other works :)
Hitendra on Fri, 24 September 2010 7:31am
good work keep it up i hope at the end of navratri we can see a beautiful model og godess durga.
Sreenivas on Fri, 24 September 2010 7:00am
Its really nice..........great pose. May you be blessed by lord ganesha.
Viin on Fri, 24 September 2010 5:33am
great work. pls post a higher resolution too
Anurag Kapil on Thu, 23 September 2010 5:47pm
awesome and Just Grrrrrrrrrr8 work you have done. What software you have used for making this.
Ian_mery (Forums) on Thu, 23 September 2010 4:18pm
Just perfect.
Amar on Thu, 23 September 2010 1:03pm
Nice work there :) Very nice! Which softwares did you use?
Shyam on Thu, 23 September 2010 9:53am
Awsome one. Really xelent finishing............
Pearl Salhotra on Thu, 23 September 2010 6:57am
WOw dude.... this is reaaly off the chain stuff!!! I loved it!!!! The grace and poise shown in this composition actually is jus reekin' out!!!!Detailing is done with fineness!!! Keep up the awesome stuff!! All the best!
Srinath on Thu, 23 September 2010 4:45am
good work !!!
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