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Date Added: 5th March 2010
Hi guys,
This was done for fun and practice in my spare time and I learnt a lot in the process of creating it.
created a number of poses and rendered for different.It was modeled in maya and Photoshop for texture, color correction and final compositing.and rendered some pass in mentalray and HyperShot pro.
It took 5 week to complete.
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Keywords: (Transformers)Bumblebee

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Matthew Eleazar on Fri, 16 September 2011 9:52am
it looks not the same devestator i`ve seen but its cool and awsome
Ali on Thu, 16 December 2010 10:23am
wow so many details its amazing
Caleb Boese on Mon, 09 August 2010 4:17am
haha i love his nuts
Tuscreaciones on Sun, 25 July 2010 9:51pm
It's awesome!!! U're a professional!! Please, visit our web:********* http://tuscreaciones.jimdo.com/ and send us some of your creations to help!!!! Thanks !!!
Acest (Forums)
Acest (Forums) on Mon, 08 March 2010 8:34am
great details, the latest render is very cool, well done!
Jaykrushna (Forums) on Sun, 07 March 2010 3:03pm
Chris_solo (Forums)
Chris_solo (Forums) on Sat, 06 March 2010 11:12pm
it's full of details!!! nice bot!
Shadowseve (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 6:34pm
nice model. Lots of details.
Chunkymunky (Forums)
Chunkymunky (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 2:29pm
Amazing! flawless texturing and modelling, love it love it love it!
Avishek (Forums)
Avishek (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 11:49am
Awesome detailing.
Rups2c (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 11:47am
killer work
Zlatovous (Forums)
Zlatovous (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 6:26am
I sence the scale is little off and now it looks like miniature. I think this problem lies in textures, as all scratches and stuff are too big (if you look at his leg plates, you will get what I mean). This is great piece, though. Very detailed with lot of work putted into. But it's not quite there I think
Paulius-st (Forums)
Paulius-st (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 12:43am
amaizing. great model. nice texturring and render. though the post is not perfect. i know by my own practice that this transformer is a pain in the back to model. i tried it my self and after a 1000 parts i ran out of patients. exelent job.
Respawned (Forums)
Respawned (Forums) on Fri, 05 March 2010 12:12am
Very very cool. That is like the mother of all transformers! Good job.
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