Screaming Giant

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Date Added: 1st January 2010
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This is a character I created for a spec movie poster but I wanted to isolate him out for his own full render. I wanted him to be pure emotion and rage. I modeled a base mesh for him in 3ds max and then took him to ZBrush to finsih off the sculpting and texturing. I then imported a medium-resolution mesh back into 3ds max for rendering with VRay. I used normal maps and sss to achieve the look I wanted. I finished off the final piece in Photoshop to enhance the lighting, add particles, DOF, some drool, and hair effects.
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Readers Comments
Emre on Fri, 25 June 2010 9:43am
Amazing.Screaming Giant
DannyCG (Forums) on Wed, 06 January 2010 12:55pm
Ha HA Great work....Love his sandals...
Simon-3dt (Forums)
Simon-3dt (Forums) on Mon, 04 January 2010 5:47pm
Hi,My name is Simon and I am a new member of staff here at 3DTotal, just a quick message to say thank yiou for the image and to let you know that it is now in our Gallery-[url][/url]Thanks again and I look forward to working with you.
Mushtools (Forums) on Fri, 01 January 2010 7:09pm
nice expression, very savage :P
Dhruvsm (Forums)
Dhruvsm (Forums) on Sun, 20 December 2009 4:39pm
excellent artwork....!!....congrats for the plug-in.....!!!
Sandpiper (Forums)
Sandpiper (Forums) on Sat, 19 December 2009 2:33am
Hey Oniram,that's a fair question. I figured people were wondering about that. Truth be told, I was not happy with the final result of that Battling the Giants image. The client gave me specific compositional direction and I tried to make the best of it. So afterward, I decided I'd just do some hero shots of the two characters I liked the best and enjoyed working on. I thought I could get the angles I wanted better and isolate out their characters in a more impressive way. So now, I'm officially done with this effort. The Battling the Giants image was for the client specifically (for no pay) and the other two hero shots were just for portfolio purposes. Hope that makes sense! :)
Oniram (Forums)
Oniram (Forums) on Sat, 19 December 2009 12:39am
i dont understand, the pieces youve posted up have all been from the same thing. Screaming GiantBattling the GiantsDavid: Herothey've all been one from the same.. why not just post them together? (dont get me wrong, your work is amazing, but im just wondering how you're going about working on these pieces.. if u just do little by little, or its a constant project?)
Tom-3DT (Forums)
Tom-3DT (Forums) on Fri, 18 December 2009 3:50pm
When we were viewing this one for the main 3dtotal gallery, someone said he looks a bit like he's made of chocolate, Rich said "I'd eat him" and someone else muttered "not in a gay way I hope" then we all laughed...ah the fun we have.......Still he got into the main gallery too :)cheersTom
Sandpiper (Forums)
Sandpiper (Forums) on Fri, 18 December 2009 3:26pm
thanks guys for the comments! glad you like the site frostsnake. :)The skirt has bugged me too and I even thought about adding some fray to the bottom. I had in mind this thick leathery skin skirt so it was a bit of a challenge. Perhaps I should have gone with more of a cloth skirt - would have been more dynamic. His skin I wanted to look more weather worn and tough, not all crazy soft and sss'd up. But I do understand the comments about how hard it looks. Working on that whole tactile skin thing - I used vray to light this guy and the sss in vray (imo) is a lot harder to get right than the mental ray that I've used before. All this being said, I'm probably not going back and fixing anything at this point cause I'm working on another sculpt that I really want to finish. I had several learning moments in this piece so I'm gonna apply em to future works.
Linc (Forums)
Linc (Forums) on Fri, 18 December 2009 1:44am
The chest scars and stomach area make him look too hard instead of looking like skin. Also the leather skirt needs some spec as it's looking very flat at the moment.Other than those crits its a nice, well executed, piece; like the exaggerated proportions.
Frostsnake (Forums)
Frostsnake (Forums) on Fri, 18 December 2009 1:34am
HaHA you have an awesome website btw! transformers!
M_Cederstrom (Forums)
M_Cederstrom (Forums) on Fri, 18 December 2009 1:24am
I know why he is screaming it because of the nipple rings LOL :haha:. great work man and a I'm giving a shout out to Dallas, TX i see a couple of ya'll in here don't hide. :D
Frostsnake (Forums)
Frostsnake (Forums) on Fri, 18 December 2009 1:24am
thats some good work and a great expression.i think i would be as pisse of if i had that nose piercing.:D
Tingles (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 10:56pm
Very nice mate, really like it!
Washka (Forums)
Washka (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 9:19pm
Seem there is some familiar mood... Let me guess...Hulk's little brother?Awesome work and details! I'm not a big fan of the clothe, but like the expression of the head!
FirstKeeper (Forums)
FirstKeeper (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 8:07pm
Very cool!
Raul (Forums)
Raul (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 6:52pm
Wooot! Nice job jesse! And congrats on the plug
Sandpiper (Forums)
Sandpiper (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 3:54pm
hmmm...sounds like a really weird homeless man lighting up the pipe in the school sandbox and creeping everyone out with his crazy eyes! oh wait, [I]sandpiper[/I]- I get it!hehe - thanks Tom!
Tom-3DT (Forums)
Tom-3DT (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 3:49pm
Someone's been plugged in the news, I'll give you a clue who, he lives in the sand and plays a pipe and now has 3 golden eyes.....hmmmmmm
PI3c3 (Forums)
PI3c3 (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 10:27am
Nice one... =)
DaddyDoom (Forums)
DaddyDoom (Forums) on Thu, 17 December 2009 8:29am
Awesome piece!
STANER (Forums)
STANER (Forums) on Wed, 16 December 2009 4:12pm
Scary dude :evil:
Sandpiper (Forums)
Sandpiper (Forums) on Wed, 16 December 2009 3:34pm
thanks guys. :) It was a fun one.
Tarik2d (Forums)
Tarik2d (Forums) on Tue, 15 December 2009 4:48pm
I like it, well done. The material is lookin nice. Well done.
Ivojovchev (Forums) on Tue, 15 December 2009 4:45pm
wow... amazing work...keep up like this :)
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